Best Vexento Songs

This is a list for the top ten best Vexento songs. And if you don't know who Vexento is, it's a dubstep/electro music artist.

The Top Ten

1 Pixel Party

Awesome song, makes me happy and makes me want to dance!

2 Masked Heros

The first time I listened to this, it made me speechless. It's a good party song and definitely one of Vexento's best, you will most likely like and love how upbeat and addictive this song is Infinity/10

It's an amazing song overall, one of vexento's most cheerful and it's just great.

This song is really upbeat and happy. Its got a really nice rhythm to it.

Awesome! Makes me tap to the beat, smile, and I love everything about it!

3 Thirsty?

Love the detail of this song, Ex: Can opening, drink pouring. It goes with the theme.

Its name is Trippy Love

4 Go

This is a great club song. I could listen to it over and over again.

5 The Lone Raver

Really really really great song. Love it and there's not much more to say!

6 Lights

Kind of sad at first, but then once it starts to kick in it gets better. Peaceful.

7 BulletProof

This is a very popular Vexento song, and I love it too.

8 Buckle Up!

Slow, but not to slow. Perfect melody and sounds a little bit different than some of there normal music.

9 Dream Catcher


10 Sons of Norway

Wow! This is a great song! Although I think Vexento is a great artist and all their music should be #1, this one is just a little bit different.

The Contenders

11 Where We Belong
12 The Universe

Great song like all the others, but another song that's just kind of slow. Its very soothing I think, and there's something about the somewhat unusual sounds that gets me... In a good way.

13 Return of the Heroes

best one

14 Returning Soldier
15 Pegasus

Really fun to listen to.

16 F17
17 Icaro

Better than anything

18 Pineapple Breeze

A very catchy and fun song

A catchy and fun song

19 Seeds of Love

Love it

20 Piece of Me

Very underrated in my opinion

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