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1 Cat Valentine Cat Valentine Cat Valentine was one of main character in American-teen sitcom Victorious . She was portrayed by Ariana Grande .

In season 1 and 2 she was good but then her voice gets annoying and she starts being repetitive I don't like cat anymore shes even worse in sam and cat

Cat is so sweet! I love her personality, she's very friendly and always positive. She is an interesting addition to the show. And I'm also so happy that Ariana Grande is so succesful now and her voice is AMAZING - she deserves all the fame and happiness in the world!

She is so stupid but I love it!

I like her and sam

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2 Sam Puckett Sam Puckett

For me Sam is the best character that Nickelodeon ever made!

Cute, funny, beat anyone in fight, and really does care for people.

Who does not like their fine manly crap

I love Sam!

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3 Jade West Jade West Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies) is a frenemy of Tori from Hollywood Arts. She has a gothic sense of style—always wearing dark clothes with eyebrow piercings and different colors of streaks in her hair—and is the long-time girlfriend of Beck Oliver. She is very protective of her boyfriend and is known more.

Why would you try to be like an verbally abusive control freak

I love jade so match I try to be like her!

I love jade!

When I first watched the show I didn't think I'd like Jade as much as I do now. She is of course very mean and angry, but she also has a sensitive side that she only shows Beck and (sometimes) Cat. I think she's using her anger as a mask to hide whatever is bothering her on the inside.

One of the best lines she's ever said on the show...

Andre: How does a person go from an A to a D?
Jade: Happened to me in the eighth grade.

So inappropriate yet so funny!

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4 Tori Vega Tori Vega Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) is the younger sister of Trina Vega, which makes her the youngest daughter of the Vega family and attends Hollywood Arts, a performing arts high school, along with her sister. more.

Yes trina halarious

5 Spencer Shay Spencer Shay

YES Spencer is hilarious

6 Trina Vega Trina Vega
7 Andre Harris Andre Harris
8 Freddie Benson Freddie Benson

Higher up on the list I'm still waiting for creddie and sam and freddie were the worst

9 Carly Shay Carly Shay

Shes annoying and unfunny she is not a good actress

What why is she not at the top shes so sexy good actor and plays an awesome friend

10 Rex

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11 Gibby

Gibby is the best nickelodeon charter ever

12 Robbie Shapiro

love him.

13 Freddy Benson

Think he is cute

14 Erwin Sikowitz

I love him. He is so funny

15 Beck Oliver

So calm and collected also he is hottt

16 Sinjin Van Cleef
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