Best Victorious Season 1 Episodes


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1 Freak the Freak Out
2 Pilot

This episode is wonderful jade gets mad that tori spilled coffee on beck coffee then tori kissed beck in front of jade beck and jade are boyfriend and girlfriend

3 Cat's New Boyfriend

This episode made me like Cori(Cat/Tori)!

4 Jade Dumps Beck

I love this episode when beck and jade gets back together

5 Tori the Zombie
6 Survival of the Hottest
7 The Birthweek Song
8 Sleepover at Sikowitz's

This was the most funniest episode from Season 1 of Victori ous ever because I really truly seen every episode beginning to end.

Best part...

Andre's Grandma: I DON'T KNOW YOU!

9 The Bird Scene
10 Rex Dies

The Contenders

11 Stage Fighting
12 Wi-fi In the Sky

I love this episode and I love the part where the kid mocks Trina and does mean stuff like kicking her seat.

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1. Freak the Freak Out
2. Pilot
3. Cat's New Boyfriend


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