Top Ten Video Game Campaigns of All Time

List of the best campaigns in video games out there. I mainly created it to see which campaign the people would favor most. And do remember we are only talking about the story mode here, so do not vote on a game because of multiplayer or other game modes.

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21 Bioshock
22 Grand Theft Auto IV and V
23 Far Cry 3
24 Crash Bandicoot Series
25 The Elder Scrolls
26 Uncharted 3

Why didn't ANYONE put this here? And why is Zelda #1?!?!?

YouTube "Uncharted 3 Cargo Plane". so epik.

27 Metroid Prime
28 Undertale
29 Turok
30 Okami
31 Sonic Series

Got to go fast sonic fast

32 Uncharted 2

Just how?

Uncharted 1 through 4 have amazing stories for every single game. Uncharted 2 is by far the best as all of the characters are intriguing and the story is just all together so amazing. After Drake gets shot by Flynn, Drake shoots the explosive canisters and flips the train. This level is my all time favorite because as Drake is moving slowly and close to death, you have to climb up the through each level of the train as it’s hanging from the cliff. Every villain you face won’t go down without a fight even after you win, like Flynn with his last attempt to kill you by blowing you up or Draza who overpowers you and Chloe has to kill. When fighting Lazaravic at the end of the game, there is such a unique mechanic where you have to shoot the explosive sap from shangrala. While you fight him, you really feel as if you’re fighting someone with amazing power and not just some easily defeated boss who you can best without thinking.


33 Shadow of the Colossus

Nothing else comes close!

34 Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
35 Conker's Bad Fur Day
36 Grand Theft Auto V
37 J Stars Victory VS
38 Resident Evil 6

Killed the series? I think NOT! - MyRockets345

39 Splinter Cell Series
40 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!
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