Top 10 Video Game Characters that Have Disappeared

Video game characters for one reason or another have completely vanished from their franchises, for this list were going to excluding characters who have been confirmed to be dead.

The Top Ten

1 Wart - Super Mario Bros 2 Wart - Super Mario Bros 2
2 Rilla Roo - Crash Bash Rilla Roo - Crash Bash

Made his first and so far only appearance in Crash Bash was Originally set to appear future Crash games but never happened. - egnomac

3 Billy Coen - Resident Evil 0 Billy Coen - Resident Evil 0

One of the players from Resident Evil 0 at the end both Rebecca and Billy go their seperate ways and is never to be seen again with the exception of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles which wasn't even a sequel. - egnomac

4 Elora the Faun - Spyro The Dragon Elora the Faun - Spyro The Dragon

Was one of the new Characters from Spyro 2 then reduced to a cameo role in Spyro 3 then made one very brief cameo in one of the Spyro GBA games. - egnomac

5 Tooty - Banjo-Kazooie Tooty - Banjo-Kazooie

In the first game Toory was kidnapped by Gruntilda and it was Banjo 's job to rescue her in the sequel she's completly vanished with no explanation though she does appear in one of the stages on a poster saying have you seen me. - egnomac

6 Chunky Kong - Donkey Kong 64 Chunky Kong - Donkey Kong 64

One of the only of the 5 playable characters from Donkey Kong 64 who has never reappeared in future games. - egnomac

7 Tatanga - Super Mario Land Tatanga - Super Mario Land Tatanga is a villain from the Mario Bros. Franchise. He is known as Princess Daisy's arch nemesis as he has targeted her on kidnapping missions. His only appearance was in the 1989 game, Super Mario Land, in which he kidnapped Princess Daisy and was the main villain of the game against Mario.
8 Krystal - Star Fox Krystal - Star Fox

It was recently pointed out that she's mentioned a few times in the book Playing With Super Power (more specifically, on pages 130 and 136). So to say Nintendo doesn't acknowledge her existence is pretty ignorant now.

Not really disappeared since she has fans left and I've read an interview that the developers of Star Fox Zero would love to use her in a new Star Fox game if they make one.

9 Remy - Street Fighter Remy - Street Fighter

A lot of the characters from Street Fighter III have yet to be featured in future Street Fighter games. - egnomac

10 Sheva Alamore - Resident Evil 5

The Contenders

11 Johanna Dark - Perfect Dark
12 Parakarry - Paper Mario Parakarry - Paper Mario

He was at least mentioned in Sticker Star, same with Goombella. It seems that the two recent Paper Mario titles didn't bother to bring back characters from the first three games in the series, notably Color Splash did not mention Parakarry or anyone at all, so the best chance for any of them to reappear is a cameo/trophy in a future Super Smash Bros. game or just fanart. Although there is a chance that any of the Paper Mario games might get a remake as well. Pretty much a shame since the Paper Mario series introduced a bunch of butt-kicking original characters, I like the little Yoshi in The Thousand Year Door, but knowing the direction the Paper Mario series is going lately, there is a chance that they will never return again. :( Even though I did like Sticker Star and Color Splash unlike most people.

13 Geno - Super Mario RPG Geno - Super Mario RPG

Square-Enix owns Geno and the other original characters in SMRPG while Nintendo owns Mario, Bowser, and the rest. Unless there is some deal between Nintendo and Square-Enix in the future, we may not be seeing Geno and other SMRPG characters returning anytime soon, as much as we want them to.

But he did make a cameo in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and that game is now getting a remake, so we will see.

14 Miyu - Star Fox 2

Miyu and Fay from the cancelled Star Fox 2, as well as Fara Phoenix from the comics, were interesting additions to the franchise, but unfortunately Star Fox 2, the comics and the SNES original are not canon to the current Star Fox timeline and may have sadly been replaced by Star Fox 64, but I would still want to see a rerelease of the original SNES Star Fox, and have Star Fox 2 be finally released for once and for all.

15 Mighty the Armadillo Mighty the Armadillo

Was absent from Sonic Heroes onwards for some reason.

16 Timber - Diddy Kong Racing
17 Adeline - Kirby’s Dream Land 3 and 64
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