Mario (Mario Series)

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Mario is the main character in the Mario Bros. Franchise, who was created by the creative director and video game designer at Nintendo of Japan, Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario has appeared in almost every Mario Game, including spinoff series, as a playable character, with few exceptions including New Super more.


Super Mario bros vs sonic the hedgehog

Super Mario bros wins!

Super Mario bros 2 vs sonic the hedgehog 2

Mario bros 2 wins!

Super Mario bros 3 vs sonic 3

Smb3 wins!

Super Mario world vs sonic cd

Super Mario world wins!

Super Mario kart vs sonic drift

Super Mario kart wins!

Super Mario 64 vs sonic adventure

Super Mario 64 definitely wins!

Super Mario sunshine vs sonic adventure 2

Super Mario sunshine wins!

Mario party series vs sonic shuffle

Sonic shuffle sucks! Mario party wins!

New super Mario bros series vs sonic 06

NSMB series wins!

Mario galaxy vs sonic and the black knight

Mario galaxy wins!

Mario galaxy 2 vs sonic colors

Even though colors was great, Mario galaxy 2 wins!

Super Mario 3D land vs sonic generations

Super Mario 3D land wins!

Super Mario 3D world vs sonic lost world

Super Mario 3D world ...more

Mario made such a huge cultural impact. Almost everyone can recognize him! He's the mascot of Nintendo! He's made some of the best adventure, RPG, platform, racing, and tennis games ever! How did he end up here? - Explosiv

It's hilarious to see just how many Mario haters there are out there, but seriously, what is your problem? People complain, "Oh, every Mario games the same, always saving a princess, boring minigames, no good storyline at all." Well, last I checked, Link went around saving Zelda all the time too. Not to mention all the other countless games out there. As for the minigames, it just goes to show that Mario can do anything. Literally, anything. One day he'll be playing baseball, the next he's running around with an assault rifle. And finally, with the "Boring, meaningless plots"... Listen, if that's what you want, go watch a movie. It's having a fun experience with the gameplay that counts. And in every Mario game since '64', I've had that. Mario's a simple hero, and that's just how I like him.
Don't get me wrong, I like Link, Solid Snake, Kirby, Master Chief, Ezio, Sonic, Cloud, etc... , but playing a Mario game, it makes you feel like a hero yourself. (I know that sounds absolutely ...more - Blubbydubber1

WHY THE HECK IS MARIO NOT NUMBER 1 think about it without mario your precious little lara croft would not be here infact nobody would because mario is the reason why video games are still being made and you can't forget super mario world or mario bros 3 OR MARIO KART SO MARIO IS NUMBER 1 PERIOD

I'm a PC hardcore gamer. And yet, it's impossible not to declare Mario the best video game character ever. I mean, he was probably the first character to become iconic (yes, I know PacMan came before Mario, but Mario is a real character, while PacMan is more of an icon). - afpabon

No violence, no hot shot, no good looks, just right and awesome, definitely better than Lara croft, trying way too hard with Lara, Mario is simple and very very AWESOME

Anyone else taking the top spot would be a crime (except for poor ole' Luigi, of course :P). Mario is the character that revolutionized the gaming industry and pretty much revived it. He is the most recognizable video game character of all time and he will be known for generations to come.

Mario is 9.5/10 perfect.

Link is 4/10 good.

Master Chief is 9.5/10 good.

Sonic the Hedgehog used to be 8/10 stars great, but throughout 1999-present, I would give Sonic the Hedgehog 3/10 stars.

Solid Snake gets 9/10 stars.

Lara Croft gets 9/10 stars.

Ezio Auditore gets 8/10 stars.

Kratos gets 9/10 stars.

Kirby of the Stars gets 8/10 stars.

Cloud Strife gets 9/10 stars.

Mario has been around for much longer than Lara Croft, has more games, and has definitely been more influential. I'm not saying Laura Croft isn't awesome, but it's the quality of the games, and how many great games there are that should determine what character's number one.

The best video game character of all time. Most of his games get positive reviews and are very addictive and fun to play. I've been playing Mario games for possibly 13 years starting with Super Mario World and I've been a fan of these games ever since. - dbret12

He is a plumber, (he started as a carpenter) that can grow to tremendous and minute size, he throws fire balls, ice balls, gold balls, he can become a racoon and a flying squirrel. He can jump as high as anything, he can move in a heavy blue shell and he can become invincible. Plus, he can overpower a turtle-dragon-ox with ease. Plus, he is an icon of gaming.

Lara Croft is very good.

But Mario is the best and nobody can beat him.

Lara Croft again is very good and it's a very interesting battle between Mario
And Lara C..

Mario is the best. He should be number one and Lara Croft directly behind him.

He's a fat Italian plumber. His girlfriend is constantly being kidnapped by a giant fire-breathing war turtle. If I was a fat plumber, I'd mourn her death. What does he do? He doesn't give a damn, he just brings his fat butt to the giant fire-breathing war turtle. he kicks the turtle's butt and he brings back his girlfriend. He even went his space to do so, twice! He's just cool.

Really? Mario? Mario has produced some of the greatest games of all time, but look past his games, and look at him as a character. He has never said anything other than shouting his catchphrases or the names of his games. He has never made a cohesive sentence, and he's supposedly the best character in video game history? And don't try and say that his actions and motivations make him a great character, because his actions and motivations are that he wants the princess to bake him a cake. - toptenzen

He's more iconic than any other video game character: he even made an appearance in the 2016 Olympics! The real one! - Snackfan

Mario is my favorite video game icon of all time and he is the coolest plumber ever he should have a new cartoon show that be a reboot of the super Mario bros super show called the super Mario show and some of the episodes can be based on popular movies like superman lord of the rings and Jurassic park and it would right to play popular songs and he would use the same power ups like from the games and I believe Mario covered the eighties from top to bottom

Mario? The man practically invented video games! Not one single entry on this list would have even be considered for creation if it weren't for this plump plumber who I might add also owns the most commercially successful, best-selling series OF. ALL. TIME!

Mario is the reason why Lara Croft and Solid Shake exist, why is he number three on this list people. I guess gamers really will vote for anything that has a nice rack and where short shorts.

Sorry guys you really disappoint me! - masongilbert74

Mario rocks! He's a pure legend that the whole world knows about! Laura Croft is just a character in a video game not for all ages while Mario is for all ages and he's a huge legend! Vote Mario!

Mario is one of, if not THE, most iconic character in video game history! He's an Italian plumber, created by Japanese people, speaks English, looks like a Mexican, jumps and runs like a black man, what else is there to say?! The fact alone that he never fails in the end, always defeating one of the most iconic video game villains, also helps.

If you see Mario then you can recognize it at first sight even this Character is recognize able from 8 year to 80 year old Mario 1985 was a very memorable game for me if you hear that sound you will say without looking at it it super Mario

What?!?! #4?!?!?! Mario DESERVES more than that! NUMBER 4?!?!?! - Thousandeyesrestrict

It's funny Nintendo owns half the characters on this list. I do wonder why Mario isn't on top. I mean anyone who doesn't know him should play a Mario game. He is the star when it comes to video games. - arontorres

Mario has always been my favorite video game icon and he is the coolest plumber ever and super Mario bros has always been my favorite video game and he should have a new animated show that be a reboot of the super Mario bros super show called the super Mario show and it be hosted by Charles martinet and the animation can be so cool and I can be based on all the Mario games

Whenever you hear the "video game", one of the first characters that comes to mind is Mario. He may not be the strongest character video games of all time, but his games are very unique, and are real groundbreakers. Very few BAD Mario games have been made, but Nintendo always makes up for them. His games have been played for generations. Even as an adult you enjoy such games!

Mario truly deserves it. He surpasses Lara Croft and Link in every aspect, and he is more recognizable than any other character.