Master Chief (Halo Series)

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MCPON John-117, or "Master Chief", is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Halo fictional universe created by Bungie.


Uncompromising, heroic, epic. His flaws are his struggle with his own humanity; you can feel it through a simple nod of this helmeted demi-god of a man. He is the true definition of a hero.

Some might call him the closest thing to Hercules that has ever taken the body of a man. Others might call him Jesus with a gun.

Mario and Sonic are laughable next to this guy. And Link has no real character of his own, no personality, no "that's so Link" moments.

So play with your fairies, eat mushrooms, wear catsuits, hang out with two-tailed creatures while spinning to battle against cheesy bosses...The Chief's going to be saving the universe from genocidal aliens, parasitic zombies, ancient transcendent beings, and he'll do it all himself if necessary.

So yeah, hail to the Chief.

How is Master Chief not number 1? He's epic. He is the only video game character that I absolutely love. I just wish we could finally see his face instead of getting trolled by fake pictures of Master Chief's face. I can't believe Mario is higher than Master Chief, Mario is not cooler than Master Chief. If Mario tried to fight Master Chief, Master Chief could wipe the floor with Mario (even with just his hands) without a second thought. Mario is a complete wimp compared to Master Chief and Master Chief should be number 1

Master Chief survived a fall from outer space holding on to nothing but a piece of scrap metal, and he walked away without a scratch. Mario got inhaled by Bowser! Master Chief can flip a Scorpion tank back on its' treads without struggle. He can find just about any weapon he needs if he's out of ammo. And so my question is, WHY IS HE BELOW A BLUE PORCUPINE! It would make more sense if #3 was occupied by Doom Guy, but either way John-117 is the human embodiment of kickass! And there are a lot of people who would agree with me!

John-117 is impossible to kill or defeat. Against impossible odds he will always find a way to win. He can move fast enough to deflect anti-tank missiles and dodge energy blasts. He has prevented galactic genocide on multiple occasions, and never gives up. In addition, his luck allows him find on whatever he needs to win. If he was fighting Superman, he would probably wind up getting his hands on a chunk of Kryptonite.

Sonic games are crap nowadays. Just look at sonic '06 and sonic boom rise of lyric. Master Chief should be AT LEAST 3rd. In my opinion:

1. Link - He is very cool and awesome and kills bad guys every day. He never talks, but his actions speak far louder than words. It is so fun to explore the world of Hyrule as Link.

2. Master Chief - Similar to link in regards to character. Mascot of Xbox.

3. Mario - Character isn't good, but I respect him because he revitalized the gaming industry.

How is Master Chief not number 1 he is superior to all video game characters, seriously, Master Cheif could wipe the foor with all of the othe video characters aside from maybe Kratos and if he falls of a mountain or something of course he"ll survive unlike some characters like Mario or Ezio who would just straight up die from the fall. Master Chief should be number 1, he is the coolest video game character ever.

Master Chief. So cool. I play halo all the time and still don't get tired of wiping out covenant forces by the hundreds. Take Chief, Kirby, and Sonic, and you have the most epic trio of heroes ever. Throw in link and Luigi and boom. An unbeatable team of awesomeness.

Master Chief has survived and beaten hordes of the flood, the sentinels, and killed entire Covenant armadas practically by himself, he has survives multiple falls from space as well. I would like to see anyone else on this list even almost do that.

He has been training since the age of 6! Very cool, strong, and disciplined spartan. His willpower is what I like the most. Truly master chief is the toughest character in gaming world

I'm fan of Halo, I started to play at the age of 7 and I always admire the chief because of his courage, determination and because he is the Chief. For me he is the more badass character in gaming.

Awesome character. He doesn't talk much and his bravery makes him a ultimate badass. Although I respect the characters above me, especially kirby I thing master chief deserves to go #1.

He Saved the human race 4 times and survived crashing into earth at least twice. How can this man not be the one person everyone wishes they were friends with?

I think that Link is the greatest video game character, but seeing Sonic be number 3 sickens me so...

He's calm, smart, strong, and bad - ass how much better does any video game get when you get to be him and fight aliens and fly airplanes and tanks?!?!

He has earned his way to the top. Halo 1 2 3 and 4 have improved games to the next level. Master Chief has been the most advanced video game character for thirteen years

Now, I HATE Halo, but Master Chief is awesome, he's always calm, he's a great shot and leader, he can save the world with a one-man army.

How the hell is sonic...SONIC better than him? Dude master chief is a badass no matter what. He's awesome when it comes to combat! Hand to hand or ranged, he is amazing with good weapons skill, and should be above link in the list

He is not a guy with super powers, but at the same time, a hero. He was the one who blew up halo, the one that killed the Didact, an overpowered villain with the force. This might be debatable, but he lead the unsc to victory. Without him, humanity will probably crumble in the covenant's hands. Seriously, how is sonic, Zelda and Mario above him. Masterchief is badass, he's the best character that not only gaming saw, but everything saw, better than you.

The main character of the Halo series is a true BADASS. Master Chief saved the entire Universe from extinction.
The characters that "beat" Master Chief are an Italian plumber addicted to shrooms and an elf without pants, they fight foes from turtles to flower pots. Master Chief takes countless stands against infinite waves of ape-like Brutes, hulking Hunters, raptorish Jackals and the zombie-esque parasite known as the Flood. What's more is he doesn't even have backup. If the Chief does, then it's just a couple marines. Why is the Master of all Chiefs at BRONZE? Why is he not first? -

I can understand Mario and Link above Master Chief, but why is Sonic above him?

Master Chief is the most badass video game character ever! Title: Master Chief (Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3)... AND SOON TO BE HALO 4! Can't WAIT

Why is this higher than pikachu but I guess I may be thinking this because I do not play halo - -Pikachu-

Literally saved the entire universe from the Flood and all of humanity from the Covenant

Huge Badass, he's the master of all the games in any condition, he is the master, do you know why, CAUSE HE IS THE MASTER

I'd like to see sonic or mario fight an entire army of aliens, survive a ship crash, and blow up an entire planet.