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281 Shepard (MW2)

Badass - play Modern Warfare2 and than come back to this list. - umbreon8

282 Alex Mercer (Prototype)

Come on..
He's smart, powerful, with a weird past, loss of memory, awsomeness and full of epic-ness..
And most of all he can change himself into anyone he wants.
He is tailor made for just this game and is probably the most lovable lead and even a pretty damn good villain in the 2nd installment of the game.

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283 Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII)
284 Claude Speed (Grand Theft Auto 2) Claude Speed (Grand Theft Auto 2)

Laugh out loud Claude is in Grand theft auto 3. But anyways we is awesome so +1

285 Arthas (Warcraft III)
286 Beat (Jet Set Radio)

How did Beat (or any other JSR character for that matter) not make the list!? He and the other characters of Jet Set Radio may seem like careless punks, but they're willing to spray graffiti on every available surface, even with cops, the swat team, AND nuke-dropping helicopters trying to take them down. They don't care how many bullets they have to take, how many buildings they fall from, or how many police are frothing at the mouths to put them behind bars. They're determined to take back their city, inch by inch, block by block, tag by tag. Now that's dedication! In fact, the only reason I wrote Beat was because it would technically be cheating to put all the GGs, but they're all undeniably awesome.

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287 Asura (Asura's wrath)

Who else can lose all 6 arms and continue kicking ass via headbutts?

Why so angry?


288 Aiden Pearce (Watch Dogs) Aiden Pearce (Watch Dogs)

He deserve to be really higher, I know guys says he's boring but I found him really addictive I don't know why. In my opinion he's a great character.

One of the best and saddest characters in gaming. Shocked he's so low down

One of the best characters created by Ubisoft.

I want to be like him.

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289 Isaac Clarke (Dead Space 1,2,3)
290 Sparx (Spyro Series)
291 Skeleton (Minecraft)

Well honestly I feel the skeleton is the best, now I know what your thinking "pffft skeleton from Minecraft he's the worst I hate him."
STFU with His ability to put on armor and his long ranged weapon I think he is truly the best.

292 Yu Tendo (Beyblade)
293 Tokai (Red Steel)
294 Sandman (Modern Warfare 3)
295 Tal'Set (Turok: Dinosaur Hunter)
296 Sektor (Mortal Kombat)
297 Steve Fox (Tekken)
298 Vivi (Final Fantasy Viii) V 1 Comment
299 Captain Olimar (Pikmin) Captain Olimar (Pikmin) Olimar is a fictional character from Nintendo's Pikmin video game series created by Shigeru Miyamoto.

TemmieHoi, shut up. He is the single best video game character of all time. For one, he has an actual personality, unlike Mario. The game he stars in, Pikmin, is the best video game series of created by man. His character in super smash bros is deadly if you know what you're doing. He is brave and smart. There are way more things.

He's sexy, especially with his big head & huge, bulbous nose to pick.

He's NUMBER ONE ARE YOU KIDDING ME #1111111111111111111111111111


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300 Franklin Clinton (Grand Theft Auto V) Franklin Clinton (Grand Theft Auto V)

Franklin is swag and is a robber

This guy is the best character other than cj in the Grand Theft Auto series.

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