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121 Prince of Persia (Prince of Persia)



122 The Soldier (Team Fortress 2)

Badass American Soldier... Still, he's not as funny as Heavy. Nobody, nobody can beat this giant baby man. In the words of the BLU Spy.

123 Anders (Dragon Age)
124 Matthew Baker (Brothers In Arms)
125 Aron Ryan (Punch Out!!) V 1 Comment
126 Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell)

He deserves top 20. That series is one of the greatest ever, and Sam Fisher is so awesome. Knows how to use his gadgets, and more silent than that of Solid Snake, Big Boss, or Venom Snake.

He's really the best character in the list!

Which is he number 52? He is the best character in mature games

Sam deserves a much better position

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127 Albert Wesker (Resident Evil Series) Albert Wesker (Resident Evil Series)

My favourite video game villain and my favourite Resident Evil character. - DunnaNunnaBatman

Wesker is by far the best villain in the Resident Evil series. Even though they have killed him off, we're all speculating when he's gonna make his epic return.

A mysterious badass mastermind that controls most of the events of the RE series. He is just and awesome villain and interesting character.

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128 The Vizier (Prince of Persia)
129 Shy Guy & General Guy (from the Mario Series)

I know Shy Guy, but I don't know General Guy. But I DO know Fly Guy. - GreenViolet8236

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130 Ratchet (Ratchet & Clank)

One of the best games ever

He should not be low on the list..

I really am disappointed to see him so low on the list. Not only has he starred in one of the greatest game series out there, he has been well-developed throughout the series. - Garythesnail

I love LOMBAX'S!

V 6 Comments
131 Daisy (Mario Series)

Japanese fans. That proves you're not

Love her sooo much! I am her #1 fan and you cannot prove that I am not!

V 2 Comments
132 Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

Lightning... Beautiful, Gorgeous, Amazing, Strong, Loving, Powerful... Think... Lightning Is Everythung! She Care About The People She Loves! She Fight For Them! She Is The Goddess Of The World! The Girl Who Will Save The World! Our Hero!

She is the most badass character of all time, and the hottest. Enough Said. - Iamthebest15

I can't tell you how badly I want to know her name.

133 Agent 47 (Hitman Series) Agent 47 (Hitman Series) Agent 47 is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Hitman video game series released by IO Interactive and Square Enix Europe.

A cold-blooded original ultimate assassin, agent 47 gets his name from the bar code tattooed on the back of his head.

You know what... Agent 47 got some attitude in him which he preserves deliberately -that cold air around him just sets the vibe for the game.

I love him more than any other character he is so cool his personality is similar to me and he is asexual, like me.

Can't deny this guy straight beast - mountainhawk

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134 Captain Falcon (F-Zero Series)

He is a Bad ass with fiery falcons coming out of his hands. Stunning, simply stunning.

135 Little Jacob (GTA IV)
136 Lammy (Um Jammer Lammy)

She's adorable to the extremes - xandermartin98

She's a good character

137 Henry (No More Heroes)
138 Roman Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV) V 2 Comments
139 Frank Fontaine (BioShock)
140 Felicia/Ragna The Bloodedge (Darkstalkers/BlazBlue)
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