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Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.


Alright, I get it. Sonic as a character is decent, but I refuse to see him as #3. He was designed as a character to rival Mario, and in the '90s, he succeeded. But here's the thing: Sonic the Hedgehog is nothing more than a compilation of '90s tropes to serve as a "personality". His speed originated as a way to show off the blast processing of the Sega Genesis. But what really grinds my gears is that he has, and always will, serve as a rip-off to Mario. It's hard to believe, but just think: When Super Mario 64 was released, Sega countered with Sonic Adventure for their new Dreamcast, and the game itself (along with 2) wasn't half-bad. But then, Nintendo released plans for Super Mario Galaxy, a new game for their upcoming Wii that would supposedly take the traditional standard of Mario's games, give it some new polish and mechanics, as well as create a story unique to the Mario universe. Sega was well aware of this, so (like they always do) they tried to beat Nintendo to the ...more

Sonic has always been one of the greatest characters in gaming to me. Now, I love Mario just as much as anyone else, but SEGA's blue creation is just the best. Rolling around and crushing his enemies with the force of his speed, with a whole bunch of other memorable characters at his side such as Tails and Knuckles. With his latest games, Sonic Colors, Generations and Lost World, he is slowly coming back into the hearts of many. And let it be noted that Sonic is the rival of Mario.

A speedster that has shared many memories with many people. The boundaries this hedgehog broke cannot be ignored. He showed that, when a time there were no such thing as "saving", you could easily pave through a stage without any care. The thing with Mario, is he's more of a plat-former that you would take more time with. Sonic has you trying to go fast, beat your last record. Which adds a lot more replay value from that. Finally, he helped an underdog company, that had no chance to compete with the juggernaut that was Nintendo, go up against the arguably "best video game company" of all time.

Though the blue blurr took a serious beating on public opinion fro his "horrible game arc" he is still the most popular and easily recognized characters of all time. And he is the only one worthy enough to be called Mario's rival. He can run faster than the speed of sound and though he can be corny at times, Sonic saves furry animals from a crazed scientist who wants to put all the furry creatures inside robots. If that's not righteous I don't know what is.

Gawd, why is he not in the top 5?! I love this guy. He is an animal, and animals are WAY better than humans in my opinion. He also has super speed, and he can leave Mario and link In the dust like they were never created. Sonic deserves a spot in the top 5, or even better, the top 3.

Sonic is my life. He means the whole world to me. I wished at the age of 5 that one day a portal will open in earth, leading to mobius and that I will move there and never come back EVER. He is the fastest thing alive and has many lifeforms that make him unique. He protects his friends and defeats Eggman. Whoever thinks he is a failure as well as SEGA itself can go and die in hell and be punished eternally until they finally give in that Sonic deserves to be one of the greatest video game characters in history. I would do anything to make him real in life. ANYTHING. He has many cool songs that always makes me happy and stop my worries from my GCSEs. For example Reach for the stars, Knight of the Wind, His World and Endless Possibility. Yeah, SEGA might have made mistakes in games but I have faith that they will bring Sonic up to his greatest ability. Not only that but the franchise has some great plots such as god of destruction destroying the world, kidnapping of an alien race, time ...more

Sonic is brilliant cool and revolutionary he was to have a real personality and he always had something new about him he made his debut in 1991 and even then he was a good character but he has continued to grow ever since he is one of the few 3 dimensional character out there and he's amazing

I've been interested in sonic ever since I started watching the anime 'Sonic X' but in short, Sonic is a fun, teenage hedgehog who you know is always gonna leave Eggman in the dust!

SONIC IS AWESOME! Giving his extensive character, his long list of great (except maybe sonic 06) games, his representation of sega, and his sheer publicity, he is truly worthy of number 2. - beny991

Sonic is good ya Rosalina fanboy! Now go off and make weird art of her. - DCfnaf

What Is This Hes Not Even In The Top 5 Hes Better Than Lara Croft She Sucks - doughnut

As much as I love Mario games, the CHARACTERS in sonic the hedgehog and plots within the television series and quite potentially the video games is absolutely phenomenal. Each has their own unique personalities and story. For this reason I believe sonic is the best character, rather than Mario who was voted on simply because his games are enjoyable rather than the content of his character.

Sonic is just the best. He is fast, cool, awesome and handsome. Every Mario game is just about saving the stupid princess. I mean, Peach appeared in SSBB. Mario does not have to save her. She can battle Bowser. But Sonic is different. Everything makes more sense in Sonic.

Sonic is the coolest and greatest video game character to ever live! I mean he is my favorite video game character it's what a lot of Sonic fans have been waiting for if you don't like him, you can still identify him.

Back then, Sonic the Hedgehog was a popular video game mascot to rival the Mario franchise, but we all know what happened. Today, Sonic the Hedgehog is not recognizable like Mario. Nobody cares about Sonic the Hedgehog anymore. It's a shame for someone to fall from grace & just keep doing that. There are two options for this guy. Either go back to grace, or be put out of his misery.

What Mario did for Nintendo, Sonic did for SEGA I mean if it wasn't for Mario Bros. 3 there would be no Sonic The Hedgehog. the new sonic games need to be fixed but overall his games were better than Mario's. Why you ask? Because sonic has speed AND platforming. Mario is slow and will take you FOREVER to complete a level. Mario can only take 2 or 3 hits. Sonic can take as many as he wants as long as he has a good ammount of rings! Mario's plot is always the same RESCUE. THE. PRINCESS. sure there's some plots where it takes place in space BUT YOU STILL RESCUE THE PRINCESS! Sonic has some of the BEST plots! 1. go to space and destroy the Death Egg 2. save the planet from a god of chaos 3. save the world from ANOTHER god with the help of ANOTHER god! 4. Save an ENTIRE alien Race! 5. SAVE TIME AND SPACE ITSELF! 6. stop a hurdling spacecraft from destroying the world!
Sonic: Mario rescued the princess? Pfff she can wait I've got to do all this stuff before I do that! And sonic has the ...more - Zombieman99

What is he doing in 4th? He should be tied up with Mario & Link! They're all cool in their own way but you can't simply say one is better than the other... if I could then my list would be Sonic or Link then Mario! You should give him more credits even though he's had his bad games and all but still, he's one of my favorite heroes! Love you Sonic!

Who couldn't love a blue hedgehog? Sonic is 100% pure awesomeness!

Sonic has a great personality. Out of all the video games I've played, the sonic series has games that are not too hard and not too easy.

Sonic is truly the best. Mario may have won 1 but sonic has done truly amazing stuff compare this Blue blur To the Red hat guy

Sonics the best his games reach into the hearts of gamers everywhere he's the best and his games are always enjoyable

Sonic shild be at the top. I ask you honestly, what's better? A blue hedgehog trying to save the world with over 10 forms, or a plunder, what is the world comming too?
By the way, I am a longtime sonic fan who has all the games and 50 sonic action figures

He's been in the game since 91. He beat Mario in death battle and he can defeat God's on 3 times 2 for chaos 1 for Solaris in sonic gen he was in normal state and beat him where as time ago he needed to go super. Say chaos was weaker NO! It's a time warp to the past so strength on chaos is same as before. So think a god in its full powered state. Defeated without in super form. He's had some bumps but he always pulls through he fights 3 zeti at once and he's not even tired. To me he deserves first with Mario 2nd.

Mario may be amazing, but there's just one thing that kills it for me: He has no character. He never speaks, he just walks around jumping on things, and always tries to save a princess who always gets kidnapped.

Sonic, though... he saves the world. Not just a princess. He speaks, and tells his thoughts. Sonic definitely should be #1, or at least #2, because Link is pretty badass in many ways. But Sonic definitely is my pick.

If it weren't for Sonic, Sega would have been a lesser known company. The gameplay is incredible, the replay value is high, and while there have been a few low points throughout the series's run, Sonic the Hedgehog is indisputably the best game franchise ever.

Sonic is amazing he is mega fast I think he is the best he is justice he can't be beaten he is better in everything he just can't ever lose long live sonic the hedgehog
He rules!

Sonic does not suck! He is one the strongest and fastest SEGA characters!