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21 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

One of the most fun combat systems I've had the joy of levelling up through. What comes across as almost hack-and-slash, turns into a wide variety of weapon and combat styles that turns the player into an unstoppable force of destruction! Button mapping and combos are easy to change up and implement making the game an absolute joyride.

22 Kingdom Hearts: Chain & Re: Chain of Memories

This is what happens when you combine a card game and a real time rpg. The result is a strategic and frenetic system where you have to not only be aware of when to attack but also what card you should use for that attack, what the opponent is using to attack and when you will have to reload. You have to construct your own deck and use it effectively for this combat system that blends card games and 3rd person (or beat-um up) action.


23 Bully
24 Xenoblade Chronicles
25 Ninja Gaiden Sigma

This game should definitely be in this list.
It really makes you feel like a ninja

26 Mirror's Edge series

The number one fault in this game may be just be out of place. Mirror's edge is all about the flow and speed, which are notably absent in this system. However that doesn't take away the potential held in it. This combat system features physical attacks that vary with your current parkour and gunplay where you have to be careful with your ammo. What holds it back is how many hits it takes to knock a guy unconscious and the fact that you have to stop moving if you are simply running. The sequel promises to fix this system by making it easier to take people out.

27 Mortal Kombat Series
28 Xenogears
29 Transistor
30 Purple Skittles

You fight in a turnbased-style format, similar to games like "undertale" with the bullet hell, but to attack, you must win a point in air hockey, and if you get hit in the "bullet hell" style gameplay (enemy scores), you lose health. Honestly, its not a very well known game and may come across silly to some, but it's combat style is like nothing I've ever seen in an RPG.

31 Final Fantasy
32 Darksiders II

To me one of the most fun combat systems out there. the right mix of melee and ability play.

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