Top Ten Video Game Consoles That James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd) Hates


The Top Ten

1 LJN Video Art

Everyone knows that the biggest reason LJN Video Art is the worst MS Paint ripoff ever can be summed up in three little words: Laughing Joking Numbnuts

LJN is his worst nightmare, and now they make not only the worst video games, but now they made the worst video game console - PCgamer98

He already did it around the holidays so yeah.

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2 R-Zone

A crazy cuckoo cross between the virtual boy (note the lowercase letters) and tiger wrist games

3 Virtual Boy

This clunky farce has red and black graphics and no head strap.

4 Phillips CDI

The console that gave us the Unholy Triforce

At least we got memes from it - bobbythebrony

Mom! I want a Philips CD-I interactive game system for Christmas! The one that had "Girl's Club: The Fantasy Dating Game". So bug off and mind your own beeswax, Mr. Angry Video Game Nerd. - playstationfan66

5 HyperScan

Only five or six games were made for this joke console (ignoring homebrew games).

6 Atari 5200

The controller for the Atari 5200 is an unbelievably lame joke.

7 Atari Jaguar

Pete Dorr had a Atari Jaguar in his video game collection room. - playstationfan66

Ever saw a cat chases jaguar? That jaguar is Atari jaguar. - Delgia2k

8 Commodore 64
9 Atari Lynx
10 Tiger Games

I had 2 Tiger portable games a few years ago. Jurassic Park and Pinball. Now I'll be put to the ultimate video game theory by finding some Tiger television plug-in games that are just for girls: DreamLife and Designer's World. I'll show Samantha "Girly Video Game Nerd (GVGN)" Votaw how to use the Tiger television plug-in games (that are just for girls) correctly. - playstationfan66

The Contenders

11 Atari 2600

He loved the 2600, but he hated the 5200! He couldn't even get it to work in the video. - AngryByrd

12 Atari Jaguar CD

The Nerd found TWO Jaguar CDs that didn't work before finding one that does work.

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13 Sega 32X
14 Sega CD
15 3DO
16 TurboGraffix16

Game-com, Game-dot-com, either way it sucks like a vacuum cleaner.

18 Tiger Wrist Games

64 bits, 32 bits, 16 bits, 8 bits, 4 bits, 2 bits, 1 bit, HALF-bit, QUARTER-bit, THE WRIST GAAAME!

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