Top Ten Video Game Consoles With the Best Graphics


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1 Playstation 3

This also depends on what game it is, for example in my opinion Battlefield has better graphics to me than Call of Duty and they are both on the same console.

I don't understand why people say PS3 graphics are better or worse than Xbox 360. The only difference is the online multiplayer and that's it.

2 Wii U

This is an enriching console with the development of the "all ages" aspect with it's unique design. Although Nintendo treated this console like a piece of $&! %, I'll keep on loving this console for the experience I have had. - InTuRmIsHuN

Wii U have better graphics than PS3/360 so this should be number one!

3 Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 has a more powerful GPU than the PlayStation 3, as well as double the RAM (512MB vs 256MB).

The PlayStation 3's CPU is faster in terms of raw power, but it was a nightmare to program for unlike the 360's simple PC-like architecture.

4 PlayStation 4


Yup I vote for ps4

This consoles graphics are awesome If you want to test this consoles graphics play it with a Crysis,battlefield,Grand Theft Auto V and uncharted.

This list shouldn't exist because graphics aren't someone's opinion they're statistics E.G. 1080p, 60fps and so on.

5 Nintendo 3DS

These graphics are HORRIBLE!

Graphics don't make a game console good nor bad, you just sound like an idiot for saying that. - InTuRmIsHuN

6 Wii
7 Xbox

The graphics where ahead of its time, and they still hold up!

8 Gamecube
9 Playstation 2
10 Nintendo 64

The games are really creative

The Contenders

11 Xbox One X

Why do people think Xbox 1 have better graphics than the Xbox 1X?!

12 Xbox One

The Best

Best realistic gaming but PS4 faster

I love Xbox one graphics and it looks more realistic

13 Playstation
14 Sega Dreamcast
15 Sega Genesis

The graphics are awesome at its time!

16 Magnavox Odyssey
17 Nintendo DS
18 PS Vita
19 Super Nintendo
20 Nintendo Entertainment System
21 Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch
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1. Playstation 3
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