Top 10 Video Game Developer Controversies


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1 The Great Video Game Crash - Atari
2 AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) Copyright Strike - Nintendo
3 Horribly neglecting many of their game franchises - Nintendo
4 Resorting to Pachinko - Konami
5 The Death of Satoru Iwata - Nintendo
6 Ridiculously high price point on the Playstation 3 - Sony
7 The Sonic Cycle - Sonic Team
8 Allowing Mortal Kombat onto the SNES in all of its bloody, ultra-violent glory - Nintendo
9 The Undertale Fandom - Toby "Radiation" Fox
10 Mighty No 9 - Capcom

I actually wanted this game when I was it at Wal-Mart. Thank God my dad didn't buy it - BlueTopazIceVanilla

The Contenders

11 Pokémon GO - Nintendo
12 Oversexualized Pokémon creature designs - Nintendo

Mostly in gen 7.

13 The Wii U - Nintendo
14 Overpriced DLC - Nintendo
15 The Sonic Fandom - Sega
16 The FNAF Fandom - Scott Cawthon
17 Celda - Nintendo
18 Metroid: Other M and its godawful storyline - Nintendo
19 Metroid Prime: Federation Force - Nintendo
20 Anticipation for how Metroid Prime would turn out - Nintendo
21 Incredibly bad voice acting and cheesy dialogue throughout their games - Capcom
22 Having way too much shovelware on their consoles - Nintendo
23 Zero Suit Samus is too sexy - Nintendo
24 Releasing a half-finished demo of Metal Gear Solid V at full price - Nintendo
25 Mother 4 - Nintendo
26 Pokémon is a secret plan for world domination - Nintendo
27 Openly refusing to spread their greatness onto other consoles - Nintendo
28 Making inexcusably horrible business decisions - Nintendo
29 Sonic X Elise - Sonic Team
30 Classic Sonic VS Modern Sonic - Sega and Sonic Team
31 Fallout 4 and its astronomical overhyped-ness - Bethesda
32 Undertale and its extreme overhyped-ness - Toby "Radiation" Fox
33 Undertale's morality system - Toby "Radiation" Fox
34 Crippling lack of satisfactory new Metroid content - Nintendo
35 Overusage of motion controls on the Wii - Nintendo
36 Making their consoles way too gimmicky - Nintendo
37 Punch-Out's incredibly racist characters - Nintendo
38 Removing Mike Tyson from Punch-Out - Nintendo
39 The absolutely ridiculous difficulty spike in Cave Story - Studio Pixel
40 The absolutely ridiculous difficulty spikes in Undertale's Genocide Run - Toby "Radiation" Fox
41 The Earthbound Halloween Hack - Toby "Radiation" Fox
42 The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Nintendo
43 Shutting down the Chrono Trigger remake project - Square Enix
44 Taking absolutely forever to remake Final Fantasy VII - Square Enix
45 Shutting down the Streets Of Rage remake project - Sega
46 Putting a lot less overall thought and effort into their games than they used to - Nintendo
47 Being ridiculously stuck in the past and unable to keep up with modern times - Nintendo
48 Making pretty much literally the exact same game over and over again for the sole purpose of milking obscene amounts of money off of it - Capcom
49 Blatantly ripping off several aspects of Team Fortress 2 in Overwatch - Blizzard
50 STILL not having made a Half-Life 3 yet - Valve
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1. The Great Video Game Crash - Atari
2. AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) Copyright Strike - Nintendo
3. Horribly neglecting many of their game franchises - Nintendo


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