What if Nintendo, Atari, and Sony were working together?

Atari & Sony. Two companies that were supposed to work with Nintendo. It's time to put them together. Although, Sony probably won't forgive Nintendo for having them work as a team, then again, Nintendo will probably not trust Sony. But, what about Atari? Not a lot of people talk about that company anymore. Nintendo and Atari could work together, but what about Sony? Could Nintendo & Atari trust Sony to work with them during the gaming industry? Let's find out. Today, we'll be talking about this.
WHAT IF.....?
Nintendo, Atari, and Sony worked together!
Aw yes. This may seem complicated, but if we changed history, we can see what happens later. So, let's have three video game companies work together. Let's start with Nintendo & Atari. Nintendo has a video game system in Japan known as the Famicom. They seem to be doing great, and they want to bring it to North America. So, Nintendo decided to go to Atari so they can released the Famicom together. The Famicom in North America was going to be known as the Nintendo Enhanced Video System. It seems like a pretty interesting name. It would be known as the NEVS. Now, that Nintendo is ready to work with Atari, they decided to let Atari sign a deal, but that's where the problem starts. Atari decides not to do it after seeing a demo of Donkey Kong on their competitor's platform. They thought Nintendo was changing their minds. So, Atari decided not to work with them & create the Atari 7800. They still didn't work with Nintendo as they were working on their consoles such as the Atari Lynx, and the Atari Jaguar. Things weren't going smoothly for Atari. Now, let's change that. In the altered events, Atari decides to work with Nintendo & release the Famicom in North America which would be known as the Nintendo Enhanced Video System, or for short, the NEVS. The NEVS is the Sega Master System's only competitor. In both the real events & altered events, the Sega Master System isn't doing so well. The NEVS is the real winner here. So, if Nintendo & Atari worked together on the NEVS, then instead of Nintendo VS. Atari VS. Sega in the 8-bit era, it's simply Nintendo & Atari VS. Sega. Two video game companies against one. So, did the NEVS succeed? Of course it did. Now, that Nintendo & Atari are working together. We can look at how their doing in the handheld console market & the successor for the NEVS. In the real events, it's Game Boy VS. Atari Lynx VS. Sega Game Gear VS. Turbo Express. Only one is the loser, and that is the Atari Lynx. Meanwhile in the altered events with Nintendo & Atari working together, they can now take the handheld console market together. What's their handheld console in this war? Simple. The Game Boy. In both the real events & altered events, the Game Boy is a success. Now, I better not take too much time here. Let's fast forward.
Altered Events:
1. Nintendo & Atari work together on successor for the NEVS.
2. Successor is released & is known as the SNEVS.
It seems accurate, but where's Sony in this place? It's simple. Nintendo & Atari are working with Sony to create a CD based add-on for the SNEVS. It would simply be known as the SNEVS-CD & it's a competitor of the Sega CD. Sure, we all know the SNES-CD was never released, but if Sony actually did work with Nintendo & Atari in the first place, it could work. The Sega CD is still a failure, and the SNEVS-CD is big success. The SNEVS-CD is like the Famicom Disk System, and like the FDS, it's a bigger success than the Sega CD. Disappointment for Sega fans, I know. Nintendo, Atari & Sony don't have to worry about the Sega 32X because that add-on stinks, too. Super Game Boy, anyone? Would Sony also work with Nintendo & Atari on handheld consoles? Well, sorry PlayStation fans, but here's the truth. Sony doesn't know how to get handheld gaming right. So, the answer is a big N & a big O. It's just Nintendo & Atari working on the handhelds. Sony could possibly just make games on their handheld consoles. While Sony is working with Nintendo & Atari on home video game consoles, Sony's just making games on the handhelds made by Nintendo & Atari. Perhaps with the help of Atari, the Game Boy Color could still be success. What about the Virtual Boy? Yeah, that could work. With Atari's help, the Nintendo Virtual Boy would be a success. Am I giving you a hard time? Well, this might help.
REAL EVENTS:The Virtual Boy sucks.
ALTERED EVENTS:The Virtual Boy is now successful thanks to Atari's help.
In both the real events, and the altered events with both Nintendo & Atari working together, the handheld console market still owned by the Game Boy (original, Color & Advance), the DS & the 3DS. Other handhelds don't stand a chance. Now, that we've covered the outcome of Nintendo & Atari in the handheld console market, let's get back to both of them working with Sony. Let's fast forward again.
REAL EVENTS:Atari Jaguar & Atari Jaguar CD VS. Sega Saturn VS. PlayStation VS. Nintendo 64 (64DD-Only in Japan)
ALTERED EVENTS:Sega Saturn VS. Nintendo 64 (64DD-Released worldwide)
We all know that Atari Jaguar & its add-on were big fails & the only competition was Nintendo 64 VS. Sega Saturn VS. PlayStation. But, if Nintendo, Atari & Sony worked together, it's simply Nintendo 64 VS. Sega Saturn. With Atari & Sony's help, the Nintendo 64DD would be a lot more successful. Now, that's awesome. Sega is drowning in the home console market & even if they released the Dreamcast, they're still not doing well. Farewell, Sega consoles.
To sum it all up, if Atari never rejected Nintendo's deal to release the Famicom in North America & if Sony & Nintendo released the CD based add-on for the SNES, then instead of Nintendo VS. Sony VS. Microsoft, it's most likely to be Nintendo, Atari & Sony VS. Microsoft. Simple, right? I hope you enjoyed this. Just think about it. Goodbye!


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