Top 10 Best Video-Game Franchises of the 21st Century


The Top Ten

1 Call of Duty

My brother's friend is obsessed with this game. He's so annoying about it, too! - RockFashionista

My siblings are obsessed with this one - Ananya

Call of Duty is awesome but I think Grand Theft Auto deserves to be in top 3. But still Call of Duty is #1

Are you sure about that? - Delgia2k

2 Far Cry
3 Assassin's Creed
4 Ratchet and Clank
5 MLB: The Show

I love MLB and baseball - EpicJake

6 Pro Evolution Soccer

In my opinion, better than FIFA.

7 New Super Mario Bros.

Mario is awesome. He needs lots of games - EpicJake

8 Grand Theft Auto

Always been a fastanstic video game franchise. - Delgia2k

Grand Theft Auto V is the best game of al time! - BeaverCleaver

9 Bioshock
10 Medal of Honor

The Contenders

11 Cave Story
12 Crysis
13 The Elder Scrolls
14 Halo

Number 14! How? This is my favorite game series and it has one of the best critical receptions of any franchise ever, beaten only by Uncharted and maybe Grand Theft Auto. To think this isn't at least in the top 5!

Epic just epic I always love it

That's it top tens is run by halo haters this is not where halo belongs that's for sure

What! 14? R U Serious?

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15 Uncharted
16 Gears of War
17 Batman: Arkham
18 Tropix
19 Fallout

Best video-game series of all time! - DontLookUnderTheBed

20 Skylanders
21 Dead Space
22 Resident Evil
23 Prince of Persia

It was apparant that Assassins Creed copied this game

24 Metro
25 Star Wars: Battlefront
26 Saints Row
27 Sly Cooper
28 Manhunt
30 The Amazing Spider-Man
31 Portal

Portal and Portal 2 are the best games EVER. I mean, seriously now, #28?!?! That's ridiculous because this game is the entire package. Amazing gameplay, intriguing story, the wittiest most hilarious writing I've found in a game, plus amazing songs (Still Alive, Want You Gone, Cara mia Addio, etc. )

32 Lego Harry Potter
33 Battlefield
34 inFamous
35 Souls
36 Xenoblade
37 Super Smash Bros.
38 Shovel Knight
39 Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X

This has to be my favorite game of the 21st century.

40 Littlebigplanet 3

This has to be the best game sony ever made.

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