Top 10 Video Game Franchises That Need a Reboot


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21 Mega Man

Mega Man appeared in Super Smash Brothers for 3DS & Wii U. He has some pretty cool moves. For those of you thinking his creator won't be making video games anymore, don't worry. Mega Man has an upcoming spiritual successor known as Mighty Number 9. I hope Mighty Number 9 is good as the Mega Man franchise. Thumbs up me, please!

Its been dead since the days of Resident Evil. Now that resident evil is losing popularity maybe capcom will give it another go.

22 Startropics
23 Undertale
24 Xenogears Xenogears
25 Call of Duty

It's about to die... Actually who would reboot this abomination - Nayan2003

26 Jak & Daxter Jak & Daxter
27 Virtua Fighter Virtua Fighter
28 Panzer Dragoon

One of the more overlooked sega games because of the dam price on it is way too high but beside that it's a good game and it's sequal isn't that bad either if they had to reboot it better be at a lower price. - htoutlaws2012

29 Ice Climber

I got the NES one for free on my 3DS and I actually really like it. It'd be pretty awesome to get a new one 30 years later.

30 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
31 Metroid Prime Metroid Prime

Come on guys! Your bad attitude toward Metroid: The Other M has put the franchise to a rest! There hasn't been a game since 2010! Make Metroid Prime 4!


1. Metroid Prime 4: Another M
2. Metroid 3
3. Super Metroid 2

32 Gex Gex

YEAH! Never going to happen. Dorkly has shown us what happened to Gex. He's now a Pokemon. He first started off as Charmander, then evolved to Charmeleon & Charizard. At least he got in Smash Bros. as Charizard. Who even wants to play video games about a gecko obsessed with T.V. , anyway? How stupid!

33 Super Mario Land Super Mario Land
34 Parappa the Rapper
35 Half-Life
36 The World Ends With You
37 Age of Empires
38 Cave Story
39 Pocky & Rocky
40 Bully
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