Top 10 Video Game Franchises That Need a Reboot

A list of franchises that haven't been seen for a while that deserve more attention in other words games that need to come back and kick COD's ass.

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41 Virtua Fighter
42 Panzer Dragoon

One of the more overlooked sega games because of the dam price on it is way too high but beside that it's a good game and it's sequal isn't that bad either if they had to reboot it better be at a lower price. - htoutlaws2012

43 Ice Climber

I got the NES one for free on my 3DS and I actually really like it. It'd be pretty awesome to get a new one 30 years later.

44 Metroid Prime

Come on guys! Your bad attitude toward Metroid: The Other M has put the franchise to a rest! There hasn't been a game since 2010! Make Metroid Prime 4!


1. Metroid Prime 4: Another M
2. Metroid 3
3. Super Metroid 2

45 Gex

YEAH! Never going to happen. Dorkly has shown us what happened to Gex. He's now a Pokemon. He first started off as Charmander, then evolved to Charmeleon & Charizard. At least he got in Smash Bros. as Charizard. Who even wants to play video games about a gecko obsessed with T.V. , anyway? How stupid!

46 Super Mario Land
47 Parappa the Rapper
48 Ninja Gaiden
49 Metroid
50 The World Ends With You
51 Age of Empires
52 Cave Story
53 Pocky & Rocky
54 Bully
55 Psychic Force
56 Dino Crisis
57 F-Zero
58 Toy Commander
59 Resident Evil
60 Disney Infinity
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