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101 Donkey Kong
102 Tomb Raider
103 Pro Evolution Soccer
104 Counter-Strike

The most nostaglic PC game for every 60's, 70's, 80' 90's and millennial gamers everywhere in the world! Simple and fun to play! - JomartheGreat

105 Guitar Hero
106 Burnout

Burnout is an awesome videogame franchise that has been going for 13 years

107 Prince of Persia

I was gonna vote for this but my vote went to Uncharted instead. This was the most entertaining series for me and the protagonist is just amazing. - LightningBlade

Come on this should be number 1. It revolutionized action adventure gaming from 1989

Come on, if this wouldn't exist, AC wouldn't exist too... vote for Prince of Persia! - somekindofaguy

108 Dead Rising
109 Xeno

They make amazing games with great storylines and great graphics. They always push the consoles to their limit.

110 Crysis
111 The Walking Dead

Powerful story, good character development. Makes you invested in the character's lives

Great storytelling and it's not afraid to pull any punches

Great story

112 Red Dead Redemption V 1 Comment
113 Bomberman
114 Resistance
115 Ace Attorney

I was looking through this list to just find ace attorney

So underrated.Every single game in the series is awesome.A must play for every gamer - DejanKalinic

116 Virtua Fighter
117 Empire Earth
118 Wolfenstein V 1 Comment
119 The Witcher

Mysterious story of this game will make your spine shiver! Be the brave warrior among all the dark things and also the character is having exotic hairstyle.

Best franchise ever.

120 PaRappa the Rapper
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