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121 Punch-Out!!
122 Starcraft
123 Xeno

They make amazing games with great storylines and great graphics. They always push the consoles to their limit.

124 Monster Hunter
125 Thief
126 Puyo Puyo
127 The Last of Us V 1 Comment
128 World of Tanks
129 The Witcher
130 Shining
131 Yoshi's Island

Isn't yoshi a part of the Mario franchise? - TealBoyxx

132 Kid Icarus
133 Wii Sports
134 Scribblenauts
135 Paper Mario Paper Mario
136 WaveRace
137 Ace Attorney

So underrated.Every single game in the series is awesome.A must play for every gamer - DejanKalinic

138 Shovel Knight

Its getting sequels - VideoGamefan5

139 Professor Layton Professor Layton
140 Bayonetta
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3. Half-Life

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