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121 Xeno

They make amazing games with great storylines and great graphics. They always push the consoles to their limit.

122 Monster Hunter
123 Thief Thief
124 Puyo Puyo
125 The Last of Us The Last of Us V 1 Comment
126 World of Tanks World of Tanks
127 The Witcher The Witcher
128 Shining
129 Yoshi's Island

Isn't yoshi a part of the Mario franchise? - TealBoyxx

130 Kid Icarus
131 Wii Sports Wii Sports
132 Scribblenauts
133 Resistance Resistance
134 Paper Mario Paper Mario
135 WaveRace
136 Ace Attorney

So underrated.Every single game in the series is awesome.A must play for every gamer - DejanKalinic

137 The Simpsons The Simpsons

The lines and especially the ending videos, (Don't wanna say the spoilers for Simpsons fans! ) Are extremely funny! If your a Simpsons fan, get your hands wet with this video game! - JomartheGreat

138 Capcom Versus

Oh damn. Isn't this game seriously very underrated?! It even got a 9+ by critics. The gameplay is genius and the concept of electricity coming out from your fingertips is awesome. - LightningBlade

How many kids want super powers? How many teens want to feel extremely to cool for school? Add those and you get the feeling of Infamous. Cool Ehh? You can zap the crap out of people, this is what I call entertainment!


This is my first, first person shooter and is extremely fun. I remember beating my brother so much his heard his friend say: "you are getting beat by a ten year girl bro" best day of my life! (My brother is a bit sexist)

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