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141 Adventure Beaks

Ever play the crap out of a game that was edicting than feel bad because it felt short? Well, this game is for you. You start off with 5 penguins who have to platform (for some reason they never stop running) to find 8 pieces of a artifact while diving, swimming, sliding, etc. You will find it is challenging so it will take some time but is edicting. Get it at the AppStore for free!

142 Max Payne Max Payne
143 Tetris
144 Pro Evolution Soccer Pro Evolution Soccer
145 Garry's Mod
146 Counter-Strike Counter-Strike

The most nostaglic PC game for every 60's, 70's, 80' 90's and millennial gamers everywhere in the world! Simple and fun to play! - JomartheGreat

147 Football Manager
148 Grandia Grandia
149 Guitar Hero
150 Mercenaries Mercenaries
151 Skylanders

I like skylanders so much, I have 117 and I have 2 more coming in the mail.

152 Gears of War Gears of War

Gears of War is down right the most bad ass, atmospheric, sad (Mostly the Ben's and Dom's death spoiler alert), gut ripping and tearing, GUN BLAZING, story ever. I really love it well aside from Judgment that game was but get it and try it give it a chance.

153 Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean
154 Clash of Clans

You build a crappy village and have to WAIT 8 hours just to build up an army to raid someone and then you repeat the process

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155 Angry Birds Angry Birds
156 Harvest Moon Harvest Moon

The Sims should be in the Top 10 too! I played this on Gameboy Color, the coolest and the best farming simulator in the world! Play this game guys! Nostalgia! - JomartheGreat

I dunno WHY I like this one! I just do! Deal with it! I just love this series so much. You can only explain that with itself so go give it a try.

157 No More Heroes

This series is bad ass. You play the role of Travis touchdown, a beam katana wielding assassin. This isn't the assassin your thinking of though this game consists of Travis fighting his way through the ranks to become the ultimate assassin. Filled with boobz, blood, and some of the most epic boss battles in video game history this is one of the wii's top games. While number one involves travis fighting through the ranks basically to get laid number two is more personal after his best friend is killed.

158 Animal Crossing

Why is this all the way at the bottom? Angry Birds and Minecraft are over this! - DCfnaf

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