Top 10 Greatest Video-Game Genres


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21 2-D Sidescrollers
22 Sports

They are beast especially FIFA

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23 Point-and-click adventure V 2 Comments
24 Party
25 Tower Defense

Pokemon tower defense is the best!

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26 Scrolling Shooters

Personally Nothing is more thrilling then facing off with countless enemies, trying to fire at the enemies, it reminds me of arcade games honestly.

27 Roguelike

These games should be at least 15.
These games just have such a unique feel to it, there's no way to describe this genre.
The defining feature about this genre is that in most rogue-likes you will never play two playthroughs the same.

28 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Lol, Dota, Heroes, it's whatever you choose

When you have.94%, not 94%, playing the game internationally, with some games sprouting 67 million players per month, you have to give this ├╝ber strategic multiplayer a look

Dota 2 is the best moba beginning with the original warcraft 3 mod

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29 Bullet Hell

Example: Realm of the Mad God
Bullets flying everywhere, how can it get better than this..

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30 Survival-Adventure
32 Life Simulation V 1 Comment
33 Indie
34 Otome
35 Wave Survival
36 Space Combat V 1 Comment
37 Graphic Adventure
38 Horror

Always exiting and keeps you on your toes, with horror games your bound to get scared but it thrills you to keep on going

I find that Horror games can go in depth with the story & really make you feel as if it was you in the game.

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39 War
40 Fantasy
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