Top 10 Greatest Video-Game Genres


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21 2-D Sidescrollers
22 Sports

They are beast especially FIFA

NBA LIVE 15 for the Xbox one!

Why not just play sports irl? - 8chAnonymous

Pretty competetive love it

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23 Point-and-click adventure V 2 Comments
24 Party
25 Tower Defense

Pokemon tower defense is the best!

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26 Scrolling Shooters

Personally Nothing is more thrilling then facing off with countless enemies, trying to fire at the enemies, it reminds me of arcade games honestly.

27 War
28 Roguelike

Unlimited replayability.

These games should be at least 15.
These games just have such a unique feel to it, there's no way to describe this genre.
The defining feature about this genre is that in most rogue-likes you will never play two playthroughs the same.

29 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Lol, Dota, Heroes, it's whatever you choose

Amazing and fun to play

Smite is just the best

DOTA 2 for the win!

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30 Builder

Very Underrated Genre

31 Bullet Hell

Example: Realm of the Mad God
Bullets flying everywhere, how can it get better than this..

RotMG is the best

Touhou is best


To be honest JRPG should be in the same spot as RPG since a JRPG is just a RPG from Japan. But oh well.

33 Tactical RPG

Lol fire emblem

34 Trivia
35 Survival-Adventure
36 Indie
37 Open First-Person Shooter
38 Otome
39 Wave Survival
40 Life Simulation

Is not it what every video game is about? The more you play, the more you ruin your real life. Sounds fair. A pretty popular trend nowadays, by the way.

How could this not be higher?

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