Top 10 Greatest Video-Game Genres


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41 Life Simulation

Is not it what every video game is about? The more you play, the more you ruin your real life. Sounds fair. A pretty popular trend nowadays, by the way.

How could this not be higher?

42 Music

Fun and always enjoyabl althpugh can be boring after a whiile necause of repetition and doing the same tning over and over

Minecraft is the best game in this genre, I love rock and roll like blood on the dance floor, 5 seconds if summer, Led Zeppelin, and Bastille. Bastille is the best rock band ever. 5sos is 2nd.

Led Zeppelin is awesome, Bastille is alright, but the rest suck. - Powerfultekin

43 Horror

Always exiting and keeps you on your toes, with horror games your bound to get scared but it thrills you to keep on going

I find that Horror games can go in depth with the story & really make you feel as if it was you in the game.

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44 Space Combat

Games like freespace and descent have left a legacy - Toucan

45 Fantasy
46 Graphic Adventure
47 Tactical Shooter
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