Top 10 Video Game Levels with the Best Music (Not Counting Overworlds)


The Top Ten

1 Final Destination (Super Smash Bros)
2 Stickerbush Maze - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
3 Japanese Metallic Madness (Sonic CD)

The Bad Future version is the best one - cjWriter1997

4 Dr. Wily's Fortress (Mega Man 9)
5 Hotland (Undertale)
6 Big Blue (F-Zero)
7 Jungle Brinstar (Super Metroid)
8 Buoy Base Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
9 Buttville (Earthworm Jim)
10 The Sinking Old Sanctuary (Athens, Greece) (Castlevania: Bloodlines)

The Contenders

11 Empire Street (Gunstar Heroes)
12 Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
13 What the Heck? (Earthworm Jim)
14 Guile's Base (Street Fighter II)
15 Snow Barrel Blast (Donkey Kong Country)
16 Waterfall (Undertale)
17 Crashed Frigate (Metroid Prime)
18 Battlerock Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
19 Rock It (Crash Bandicoot 2)
20 Gusty Glade (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest)
21 Lorenzo's Soil (Earthworm Jim 2)
22 Clock Tower (Super Castlevania IV)
23 Anti-Chapel and Reverse Caverns (Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night)
24 The Toxic Landfill (Wario Land 4)
25 Clock Tower (Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night)
26 Minecart Madness (Donkey Kong Country)
27 Maridia (Super Metroid)
28 Dr. Wily's Fortress (Mega Man 7)
29 Boomer Kuwanger (Mega Man X)
30 Storm Eagle (Mega Man X)
31 Oil Drum Alley (Donkey Kong Country)
32 Cirromon Caverns (Dust: An Elysian Tail)
33 See Jim Run, Run Jim Run (Earthworm Jim 2)
34 Stardust Speedway (Sonic CD)
35 Crisis City (Sonic 2006)
36 Ice Cap Zone (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
37 Baby Baby (UmJammer Lammy)
38 BIG (Parappa The Rapper 2)
39 Fright Flight (UmJammer Lammy)
40 Noodles Can't Be Beat (Parappa 2)
41 Fire Fire (UmJammer Lammy)
42 Ruined Mansion (Super Castlevania IV)
43 Taste of Teriyaki (Umjammer Lammy)
44 Outer Wall (Cave Story)
45 Clockwork Mansion (Super Castlevania IV)
46 Land of the Livid Dead (Rayman Origins)
47 Lower Sanctuary Fortress (Metroid Prime 2)
48 Anything but Tangerines (Earthworm Jim 2)
49 New Junk City (Earthworm Jim)
50 Hero's Pass (Borderlands 2)
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