Top Ten Video Game Rip-Offs

When a gaming company wants to have a successful and money making series, they sometimes rip off another successful video game series.

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1 PlayStation All-Stars rip-off of Super Smash Bros.

I can tell that Sony hates Nintendo after Nintendo betrayed them for making a partnership behind their back. Sony decided to rip off Super Smash Bros with instead of Nintendo characters, they use PlayStation exclusive characters such as Kratos from God of War and Sly Cooper from the Sly series. - Chaotixhero

Sony wanted to help Nintendo make a add-on to the SNES but Nintendo decided to make a deal with Phillips behind Sony's back instead - Chaotixhero

Yeah. Except I actually know who the characters are in Smash. You've got Mario, Link, Pikachu, Peach, Bowser, Ganondorf, Zelda, Samus etc.

Smash's gameplay is fast, over the top, and actually requires skill, PlayStation all stars is slow and doesn't require skill

I know, right! It is a complete ripoff!

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2 Bubsy rip-off of Sonic The Hedgehog

Lola and look what happened! Saga knows what to do with the sonic concept! Not busy! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Sonic back in the 90s was huge then so how about rip him off? Yeah Bubsy was a bad series with the first one being better out of the four games which is not saying much at all. - Chaotixhero

3 Killer Instinct rip-off of Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat was a very successful game series which is the reason why we have ratings up to this day. So how about ripping off a bloody game with less bloody and weak fatalities? Killer Instinct is admittedly a good game but that's no excuse. - Chaotixhero

At lest killer instinct is not overrated as mortal kombat x's kombat pack 2

Um where is saint row and Grand Theft Auto. Saint row is a of Grand Theft Auto

4 Bayonetta rip-off of Devil May Cry

Sure Bayonetta is s great game but it still rips-off another great game series known as Devil May Cry created by Capcom. - Chaotixhero

I thought they were made by the same person. I read it in gameinformer. BayonettaBayonespiritual successor, not a rip off. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I am a bit conflicted on this. Having the two game series created by the same person, Hideki Kamiya, might keep it from being a rip-off (keep in mind he stopped working on Devil May Cry after the first). I think he was trying to have another chance at that style but with a different company.

Although it may be seen as low effort on his part to attempt the same game again. - FirearmsKill

5 Mega Man Battle Network rip-off of Pokémon

Now if you think about it... - Chaotixhero

6 Super Mario Bros 2 rip-off of Doki Doki Panic

Not really a rip off. Great game, though.

I wouldn't call it a ripoff, since it's more or less the same game, only that the former has been Mariofied. - drdevil

ActuallAction thought that they were the same game! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Oh wow... what a rip-off. - Chaotixhero

7 Tattoo Assassins rip-off of Mortal Kombat
8 War Gods rip-off of Mortal Kombat

Well they both were made by midway.

9 Kirby's Avalanche rip-off of Puyo Puyo

Sure you can argue at me and say Dr. Robotnik mean bean machine rip it off too but the thing is, both Puyo Puyo and Dr. Robotnik mean bean machine are owned by Sega. So it's not really a rip-off if it was made by the same company but Nintendo...what a rip-off. - Chaotixhero

10 Crush Hour rip-off of Twisted Metal

At least Crush Hour isn't exclusive to PlayStation

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11 Kasumi Ninja rip-off of Mortal Kombat
12 Sonic Shuffle rip-off of Mario Party

Why "precious stones" instead of the famous chaos emeralds?!

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13 Battlefield rip-off of Call of Duty

Call of Duty came first. Although boyfriend 1942 released BEFORE Call of Duty 1, Call of Duty one began development first

But battlefield came first... Right? - HeavyDonkeyKong

Umm I'm not sure when I first got Call of Duty I thought they were made by the same person - Matt92647

And that's when the Sony and Microsoft war began. - Chaotixhero

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14 Vampire Rain rip-off of Splinter Cell

Not just Splinter Cell but also the Metal Gear Solid series. Vampire Rain ripped off everything it could from these games, with the first most noticeable thing being the terrible combined outfit. It takes the elements that made both these series great and turns them into complete trash. As someone who actually played through the whole thing, all I can say is avoid at all costs! - FirearmsKill

15 Fuzion Frenzy rip-off of Mario Party
16 Terraria rip-off of Minecraft

Terraria actually came first. Minecraft came out on November 17, 2011. Terraria came out on May 11, 2011. So there. Plus, would a game recommend a rip off version of itself? No. Minecraft advertised Terraria. I saw it. I was on the title screen of Minecraft when I see "Also try Terraria! " in the yellow text on the right corner of the title. Proof that Terraria is not a rip off.

Hey, obsessive squealing Minecraft fanboy... You haven't actually played Terraria, have you? Go play it, and you'll realize what you were missing all this time. Then you'll be calling Minecraft a rip off of Terraria!

Though minecraft came out 2 years before terraria it's a different game than minecraft it just happens to be blocky

Minecraft had accounts since 2009! So THERE!

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17 WWE All Stars rip-off of TNA Impact: The Game

Do you notice how similar the gameplay is between the 2 - htoutlaws2012

18 Digimon rip-off of Pokemon

Pokemon's just the bigger catch-them-all franchise. Besides, a lot more games with this type of genre came out before Pokemon.

I always say that some stupid digimon (poopemon) rips off of Pokemon!


19 Doom rip off of Splatterhouse

No offense, but didn't Doom out first - shawnmccaul22

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20 Sonic rip-off of Mario

No sonic is better than mario

Old enemy days...

Sonic was only made just because sega wanted a masgot for sega because nintendo gots mario - Aidanisawesome

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1. PlayStation All-Stars rip-off of Super Smash Bros.
2. Bubsy rip-off of Sonic The Hedgehog
3. Killer Instinct rip-off of Mortal Kombat
1. Tattoo Assassins rip-off of Mortal Kombat
2. War Gods rip-off of Mortal Kombat
3. Crush Hour rip-off of Twisted Metal



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