Top Ten Video Game Rip-Offs

When a gaming company wants to have a successful and money making series, they sometimes rip off another successful video game series.

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41 Banjo Kazooie rip off of Super Mario 64
42 Robopon rip off of Pokemon

It's just like Pokemon but they were made by Hudson soft and atlus and they were robots.

instead of gotta catch' em all you get
Build' em Collect' em and trash' em sounds cool but u know, plus only 1 version of the game seriously Japan had 3 versions but in America there was only 1 ONLY 1, And I have know idea how to give a pokemo... I mean Robopon a tm move and hello is sunny a punch type or a fire type seriously you guys need to make a type chart for that I mean no one can tell if sunny is a punch type or a fire type and Draco's a boot type he's suppose to be a fire type cause he's red and he's a dragon make up your mind dude!

Holy type boot type and vehicles and grandpa! But hey I like that gundam robopon you got let's hope this series had a Mega Man too!

43 Armored Warfare ripoff of World of Tanks

Only much worse and with modern tanks

44 Mortal Kombat rip-off of Street Fighter

The old enemy days...

45 Xenoblade rip-off of Xenogears
46 Undertale rip-off of Earthbound

This game is not as much as a rip off as it is a reimagining or taking a lot of inspiration from earthbound

It was inspired by the SNES classic!

I hate undertale

It's actually more of a tribute to Earthbound than anything else (and it's flipping awesome), but I honestly added it here just for the sake of making this list bigger - xandermartin98

47 Cave Story rip-off of Metroid
48 Shovel Knight rip-off of Mega Man

It's like Undertale, it's not what they have in common, rather what new and interesting things are brought to the table

49 Dr. Mario rip-off of Tetris
50 Super Mario Maker rip-off of Little Big Planet

Whoever put this on the list is a dumb Sony fanboy

51 Alien Hominid rip-off of Metal Slug
52 Borderlands rip-off of Diablo
53 Link: The Faces Of Evil rip-off of Zelda 2: Adventure Of Link
54 Terraria rip-off of Minecraft

Terraria actually came first. Minecraft came out on November 17, 2011. Terraria came out on May 11, 2011. So there. Plus, would a game recommend a rip off version of itself? No. Minecraft advertised Terraria. I saw it. I was on the title screen of Minecraft when I see "Also try Terraria! " in the yellow text on the right corner of the title. Proof that Terraria is not a rip off.

Hey, obsessive squealing Minecraft fanboy... You haven't actually played Terraria, have you? Go play it, and you'll realize what you were missing all this time. Then you'll be calling Minecraft a rip off of Terraria!

Though minecraft came out 2 years before terraria it's a different game than minecraft it just happens to be blocky

Minecraft had accounts since 2009! So THERE!

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55 Shovel Knight rip-off of Duck Tales
56 Halo rip-off of DOOM
57 Angry Birds rip-off of Crush The Castle
58 Candy Crush rip-off of Bejeweled
59 South Park: The Stick Of Truth rip-off of Paper Mario
60 Naughty Bear rip-off of Conker's Bad Fur Day
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