Best Video Game Ripoffs

These games maybe rip offs, but they are fun at the same time.

The Top Ten

1 Saints Row Rip Off to Grand Theft Auto

I do love this game! but it is a Grand Theft Auto rip off, However I love this game way more than Grand Theft Auto! - ShaunFan04

2 Saints Row IV Rip Off to Crackdown

You maybe wondering, WHY IS THERE 2 SAINTS ROW GAME ON THE LIST!?!?! because this one is a rip off to Crackdown instead of Grand Theft Auto! it's not the best SR game, but it's good. - ShaunFan04

3 Street Fighter Rip off to Mortal Kombat

Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are rivals! and they are the same game. But street fighter has no blood, when Mortal Kombat does have blood. - ShaunFan04

4 Candy Crush Saga Rip Off to Bejewled
5 The Simpsons Hit & Run Rip off to GTA
6 The Simpsons Road Rage Rip off to Crazy Taxi
7 Rock Band Rip Off to Guitar Hero
8 Sonic the Hedgehog Rip Off to Super Mario Bros
9 Call of Duty Rip off to Battlefield
10 LittleBigPlanet Karting rip off to Mario Kart

The Contenders

11 Yu-Gi-Oh! rip off to Pokemon


12 Half Life rip off to Pokemon
13 3D Cartoon Land Safari rip off to Super Mario Bros
14 Paladins rip off to Overwatch
15 Overwatch Rip Off to Team Fortress 2
16 Fortnite: Battle Royale ripoff to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
17 Garfield: Lasagna World Tour Rip off to Sonic Adventure 2
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