Top 10 Video Game Sequels We Most Want that We'll Probably Never Get

Many games have conquered our hearts over the years. For some of them, it's sad to think we may never get a sequel. Here are a few sequels a lot of gamers want to see, but that sadly will probably never happen... though we can still hope, it never hurts. We did get Devil May Cry 5 after all.

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1 Silent Hills

Now that Kojima is gone from Konami, this franchise is pretty much dead. If Konami even tries to make another, they will just create a dumpster fire of a game.

A demo for the game called P.T. was released in 2014, but the project was canned soon after. Fans have been left wanting more ever since.

Konami are allergic to success

2 Half-Life 3

Never actually played it but I like portal so It's probably good.

I heard that they actually teased it when they released Half-Life Alyx.

when valve makes a third game in a series
that will be a good day

When you think of sequels we'll never get, HL3 comes to mind instantly. It has become a meme at this point.

3 Bully 2

They are still planning on this I heard but it would be different then the original

I wish Rockstar would consider this over another GTA game. I wouldn't mind RDR 3 tho.

I heard rumors of Bully 2 being in development so there is still hope!

4 Sleeping Dogs 2

Although I can understand why you would want to see them I would think that it is at least better to have no sequel than to have a really disappointing sequel.

A game that was as well done as this deserves a well done sequel, theres a lot more that could be done with it on today's technology

Sleeping Dogs was an amazing game

5 Jak and Daxter 4
6 Dante's Inferno 2

Dante's Inferno, developed by Visceral Games, was a really good hack and slash. It had good enough reviews that it could of gotten a sequel, but that never happened.

7 Okami 2

Okami was a unique and beloved game. Fans have been wishing for a sequel for a while now and some wonder why a second game was never made.

8 Portal 3

Portal 2 was one of my favorite games, WE NEED PORTAL 3.

9 Dead Space 4

The Dead Space games we're so good, it's sad that we'll probably never get a fourth game.

10 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 2

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is basically Metal Gear with a gameplay that resembles Bayonetta (makes sense since Platinum Games developed the game). It was a really fun game and Hideo Kojima wasn't against a sequel when questioned about it in interviews, but instead of Raiden, he would prefer the sequel to star Gray Fox. Now that Kojima doesn't work with Konami anymore, plans for a second Metal Gear Rising game are pretty much thrown down the drain.

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11 Left 4 Dead 3

Apparently, the game was in development, but the project was cancelled. I guess we can kiss goodbye any chance of Valve releasing a game anytime soon.

12 Kingdoms of Amalur 2

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was a very successful RPG, but shortly after it's release one of the studios that worked on this game, 38 Studios, filled for bankruptcy and apparently plans for a sequel we're scrapped.

13 Brutal Legend 2

Brutal Legend is a hidden gem. Would be cool to see Jack Black voice Eddie Riggs again. Since we're getting Psychonauts 2, we might actually get a sequel to Brutal Legends in the future, who knows!

14 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 3

The first game was amazing, but the second one wasn't as liked by players. Fans still we're hoping for a third game, but since Disney decided Starkiller isn't canon, chances are we'll never get a sequel.

Force Unleashed was so cool.

15 F.E.A.R. 4
16 Rayman 4

There is a rumor it is coming like crash 4 which was confirmed today

17 Saints Row 6

I could totally get behind this, although, and this could just be me but, I think we should get a Saints Row 5 first.

yeah I don't know who'd want this after the last couple games, I'd be fine never getting this

18 Shovel Knight 3

That would be really cool

Fans would go crazy if this was announced.

19 Uncharted 5
20 Bioshock 4
21 The Sims 5

What do you mean "We'll probably never get?" Of course there's gonna be a Sims 5. Might not be good, but there's no way we're not getting one.

That doesn't mean we *probably* won't get one. I've seen no reason to think there won't be a Sims 5


22 Mother 4

They said they would never make one again. The first two games were ok but mother 3 was amazing

Oddity unfortunately does not technically count

23 New Prince of Persia
24 Super Mario Galaxy 3
25 Heavenly Sword 2
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