Video Game Series That Have Gone Downhill


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1 Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic's an old favorite of mine, but it's no doubt that the series has been doing badly nowadays. At least the music has been consistently good.

The last "good" Sonic game, to me, was Sonic Adventure 2. Sonic Generations was cool though.

Sonic Mania saved this franchise. - BlueBobYT

Don't forget Sonic MAnia. - TheRedstoneWiz

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2 Call of Duty

Well, you could argue that it was never really uphill... - NorthernEel

Play call of duty 4. then play call of duty ghosts. - HeavyDonkeyKong

3 Crash Bandicoot

Everything went south after Naughty Dog stopped doing the Crash games. - egnomac

Went to good to mediocre - spodermanfan1000

4 Mega Man

Why did Keniji Inafune left Capcom? There were too many Mega Man games. With him leaving Capcom, four Mega Man were cancelled. I am a fan of Mega Man, but I believe that his series has gotten to many sequels.


Mega Man -> Mega Man X -> Mega Man Zero -> Mega Man ZX -> Mega Man Legends


Mega Man Battle Network -> Mega Man Star Force

These are good, but I believe this is enough. Keniji Inafune has created Mega Man's spiritual successor, Might No. 9, so there's a good chance his legacy will still be remembered. Meanwhile, Mega Man has joined Super Smash Brothers, and we were happy. It's still best that the Mega Man series should end, and make room for Beck, the Mighty No. 9.

5 Spyro the Dragon

Activision and Skylanders made it go downhill. However, many say that the series went downhill as early as 2002 with Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly due to the many glitches the game has. - dingodile2603

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6 Tony Hawk Games

Go to hell, Robomodo. You put the final nail in the coffin of one of the best franchises of my childhood. How dare you.

Had the best glitches on the original X-box, now only glitches

7 Assassin's Creed
8 Halo

Wanna know how it happened? Microsoft just couldn't leave the then-perfect franchise alone, and had 343 just ruin it.

9 Madden
10 Pokemon

Since when? It went uphill in my opinion.

Oh because its not black and white and I remember the days when oh no I have to be a boy no girl player. Now its 700 Pokémon and its more like Pukemon.

I feel that pokemon has started awesome and gotten even better. every game has built upon the good old originals just perfectly in my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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11 Pac-man

Five words: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. - TheYoshiPyro64

Pac-Man never quite achieved the same success as Mario after his Arcade debut, despite their best attempt at bringing Pac Man to 3D It never quite worked out. - egnomac

12 Turok
13 Five Nights At Freddy's

It wasn't great to even begin with. Yes, the first game was good, but after that, it was just quickly butchered.

14 Mario Party

Why the "everyone in one car"? Mario Party is about competing, not cooperation. The car only worked in Bowser Mode when everyone was working together.

Remember mario party 7? That Game was AWESOME! Then we have mario party island tour, which was just meh. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Yes it is gonig downhill Mario party island tour got a 4.5/10 why Pokemon on this list Pokemon x and y sold over 12 million -

15 Final Fantasy

Final means the last. Why are there more than one?

The "final" is because Squaresoft (way before the merger with Enix) was on the verge of bankruptcy at the time so made what they thought would literally be their final game not knowing how popular it would become let alone that it would get so many sequels and spinoffs. That said, the series has indeed gone downhill; the last really good game was X, and that was over a decade ago.

16 Resident Evil
17 Mega Man X
18 Mario

Mario isn't going downhill, the new artists that design the wii you games are brillient, super Mario 3d world got almost perfect ratings! - Harri666

He's Still Amazing Unlike The Overrated And Bad Sonic

Mario didn't go uphill. It went downhill by quite a bit throughout the 2000s. Remember, I don't hate the Mario franchise as a whole. But it kinda gives me the feel of straight-to-video sequels of Don Bluth films.

19 Twisted Metal
20 Angry Birds
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