Video Game Series That Have Gone Downhill


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21 Just Dance
22 Kingdom Hearts

Actually the series is still going strong its just that KH3 is taking forever

Not really but kh3 is taking too long and it better be 2018

23 Paper Mario

Why Nintendo no one liked sticker star so why make the sequal the same thing but with paint and more generic - ikerevievs

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24 Skylanders
25 Devil May Cry
26 Marvel vs Capcom
27 Mortal Kombat

What are you talking about?! Unless you're referring to business decisions, there's nothing wrong here.

28 Duke Nukem

Is Borderlands the only series Gearbox does right?

29 Street Fighter

Capcom themselves have gone downhill. Not only are they now overdoing Street Fighter and doing little with any of their other games, but they've also become more reliant on crossovers with other companies than ever. Even Ryu and Mega Man appearing in Super Smash Bros and the cameos in the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph reek of Capcom waving their arms and screaming that their still here and still relevant.

Oh, definitely. Once a great fighting franchise, now it's just a shell of itself, thanks to Capcom basically hanging themselves.

30 Banjo-Kazooie
31 Metroid

Who knows if there ever is going to be a reboot of this series?

32 Bomberman V 1 Comment
33 Ape Escape

If you played PlayStation Move Ape Escape, you had a bad time.

34 Karaoke Revolution
35 Metal Gear Solid
36 Silent Hill
37 Battlefield
38 Castlevania
39 Star Fox
40 Prince of Persia
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