Video Game Series That Have Gone Downhill


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41 Conker V 2 Comments
42 Skate

Even though 3 was good in my opinion it was nowhere near as good as 2.also ea disbanded black box

43 The King of Fighters

Stopped being cool when they stopped naming it after the year it came out. Not that having the year in the name made that much of a difference but it does make it easy to pinpoint the exact moment the series lost sight of itself.

44 Fire Emblem

Awakening was awesome, but Fates was a step in the wrong direction if you ask me.

45 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Ever since gates to infinity witch was terrible super mystery dungeon brought back all the pokemon but everythingelse was downgraded - ikerevievs

46 Smash Bros.

Smash 4 isn't that bad, but I put Smash here because of brawl - Dragonj37

47 Need For Speed

I was a long time fan of this series ever since my childhood but all faith in the series was lost when the trainwreck of a reboot of the franchise was released in 2015. - SelfDestruct

48 Far Cry

Far cry 3 and 4 were awesome, anything other than that, just pass - VideoGamefan5

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