Video Game Series That Should Be Made Into a Movie Series

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21 Pikmin

It could work


22 The Legend of Zelda

Its became apparent to me that it would make a good film because of its storyline - Harri666

23 The Witcher

It is coming as a T.V. Series

24 Devil May Cry
25 Fable
26 StarCraft
27 Killzone
28 Undertale
29 Mega Man
30 Half-Life
31 Metal Gear
32 Ratchet & Clank

They have already made one - micahisthebest

33 Five Nights at Freddy's

I know a movie is already in production, but how many of you think that it will make a good movie, and how many of you are hyped

These games would have worked so much better as a movie or a show and it would be much better.

34 Pokemon

They already have Pokemon movies. - Skullkid755

35 Pac-Man

How it hasn't gotten a movie already is a ginormous surprise to me.

36 Super Mario Bros.

Must be better than the live action film though. - Skullkid755

37 Team Fortress

This might make a good Cartoon Network animated show, but not adequate enough in a story to be a movie series.

38 Need for Speed

Why are Pokemon, Assassin's Creed, and Need for Speed on here? They all have movie series. - RalphBob

There was a need for speed movie

Forget Fast and the Furious. Now THAT would be awesome. - jimmy12lee

39 Fallout
40 Max Payne
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