Top Ten Video Game Series That Should Be Turned Into Movies

There are rumours about video games being turned into movies. Here's some that the gaming community might agree with...

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1 Legend of Zelda

I Would Watch Ocarina Of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess (3 Best Storylines to Zelda Games)

This one should go without saying...

It should be made by either Disney or Studio Ghibli.

2 Bioshock

Let's see how many people, who have'nt played the game, would freak out at the twist. - CastlevaniaFanboy128

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3 Halo
4 Metal Gear Solid

It would be the PERFECT way for Sly Stallone to get back into movies...

The dialogue, cutscenes, and characters are ready for the screen already. I say a film of mgs3 would make a killing with the right actors to get the emotions right.

5 Call of Duty

Just to please all the 10-year-olds and trolls in the world...

6 Pac-Man

The PAC is back to kill your head and eat off your heroes PAC can't just be evil the PAC is back

Well, he was in pixels and look how that turned out. - Cahtergah

Who WOULDN'T want to see the gluttenous yellow pie become a movie?

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7 The Last of Us

This isn't technically a series, but it is still an AWESOME game.

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8 Mass Effect

The charm of Mass Effect is that you get to choose how the story goes. Turning it into a movie would not do it justice. - RizaLovato

It seems that everyone forgets about mass effect on like every list.

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9 Uncharted

It would be something like Indiana Jones series - maybe even cooler! Awesome game franchise though - Magnolia

I originally wanted to put Dark Souls on here, but that might bring back memories of insane difficulty...

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10 Grand Theft Auto

Shooting everyone with an ak-47 will be the BEST ENDING ever! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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11 Assassin's Creed

It would be the GOD of game movies, the countless unsuccessful game movies would be blind by this movies glow of perfection from its story telling and its drama.

They are actually planning on making an Assassins Creed movie. It is set to come out sometime in either 2015 or 2016

Come on guys, this would be an absolutely awesome movie, one bad ass assassin in a movie, I'd watch it

Assassins creed is really a movie.

12 Spyro the Dragon

There's already rumours of another attempt at a movie version floating around the fanbase...

As boring as the legend games were, they would make a good movie

13 The Elder Scrolls
14 Five Nights at Freddy's

To the person who put this: If you seriously want this to be a movie, only make it up to 3 because I don't wanna see 4.

I honestly wonder what the bite of 87 would look like

15 Dead Space

Can't call myself a big gamer but I adore this series - intense, creepy and intriguing! - Irina2932

16 God of War

Oh yea I want a god of war game it will be awesome as hell

17 Fatal Frame

Seems to be an interesting concept...

18 Kirby
19 Dead Island
20 Metro
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