Top Ten Video Game Series That Should Be Turned Into Movies

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21 Minecraft
22 Kingdom Hearts
23 Sly Cooper

A movie based on the first game is already on the way - bobbythebrony

24 Pixel Gun
25 Crysis
26 Virtua Fighter
27 Left 4 Dead
28 Infamous
29 Super Mario

Another Mario movie I want it better than that stupid first one

It already has a movie and it sucks

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30 StarCraft
31 Need for Speed

It sucks. Gimme a good video game movie for kids ASIDE FROM WRECK IT RALPH.

In this case, they already did that. And it was awesome

32 Manhunt

I volunteer to be the main character - bobbythebrony

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33 Red Dead Redemption
34 Final Fantasy
35 Tetris
36 Duke Nukem
37 Portal
38 Bully
39 Sonic the Hedgehog
40 The Sims
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