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1 Call of Duty

The multiplayer has been perfected for some time now, and the campaigns are not going anywhere productive. I say leave this series where it stands, and let us enjoy the multiplayer as it is now.

Call of Duty was good at the start, when it was about being a soldier. Then Black Ops 1 happened. It was good, not bad. Then there was BO 2. It started the unrealistic game in the series. After that, there was Ghosts. Just ew. Then there was Advanced Warfare. The worst. What's next, a Call of Duty where you jump up to the Empire State Building and fly with a jetpack? - spiderskull98

It is good but the franchises campaigns are lazy and rely only on the multiplayer which is just the same thing every game. But I must admit The Zombies game mode is very fun.

Infinite Warfare didn't help. Just kill it activision, HALO and Battlefield for life

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2 Final Fantasy

Why is it called final fantasy when there's a final fantasy 2 3 4 5 6 7... And so on - Harri666

The game was supposed to be the creators last game until he went back to video game college, but due to the success of the first game, he didn't go and made sequels. - Nirocart

I think multiple whole life will pass till the day I can name all the parts of this game.

It's called Final Fantasy. It's been going on for how long now?

They are making a Final Fantasy 15. Ok, you can stop.
Final Fantasy has so many games I can't count. Kingdom Hearts, the main series, and others I probably don't know about.
Heck, it even has a few movies!

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3 Pokemon

I know that they made some Pokemon games where you don't collect badges and be the regions champion like mystery dungeon and gale of darkness but still...

Oh, woah woah woah. You're going to put the best video game series of all time here?

Running out of ideas to the point of making the trainers dance and strike embarrassing poses to perform the Z moves! I am not even joking! - SelfDestruct

Not with Sun and Moon being released. The franchise is still going strong no matter what. Gotta catch 'em all. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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4 Halo

The story ended perfectly in Halo 3. Bungie's gone, it's an insult that it needs to be milked by Microsoft/343 for eternity.

Halo is a great video game series

Noway man halo is an amazing game

In my opinion, every halo game is crap! ( besides halo 2 )

5 Angry Birds

I remember being addicted to Angry Birds back when I was younger. Nowadays, I don't even care for it anymore as a franchise. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I used to like angry birds, but now it's on life support

I like Angry Birds but do we need tons of them

This game series got WAY too much praise. It was a slingshot game, then it got 13 sequels, theme parks, T.V. shows, merchandise, and a MOVIE. God this series is terrible... - DCfnaf

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6 Wii Series

Wii U, Wii, Wii mini these are awesome consoles by Nintendo - KriCket33554

Hey! Listen! Wii is the best video game console ever!

I think he means those excrisze games on the Wii like Wii sports play fit - ikerevievs

Wii is awesome!

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It's a sport game so of course it's almost the same every year. Every played a sport or are you to busy playing Call of Duty

More copy-pasted than Call of Duty. How does one do that?

8 Five Nights at Freddy's

4 games in under a year and they call Call of Duty miked.

It's not even scary. If you want a real scary game, play The House. - spiderskull98

The only thing scary about this game is it's fanbase, am I right?

Whats the deal they are not scary, it just gives you a suprise and over time you will not even feel scared because the jumpscares are repetitive so this is not a true horror game - PrinceOfFire

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9 Portal

"It ALREADY has ended" Oh really? Any proof? - Pastakirby7

Huh? There's only 2 portals, and valve doesn't know what the number "3" is - Harri666

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10 Madden

This series is overrated, it's the SAME THING EVERY YEAR. - DCfnaf

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11 Sonic

It's time to look & realize Sonic the Hedgehog has officially gone down hill. Perhaps it's time for Sega to put this guy out of his misery & the history of Sonic will end with Sega ending Sonic's reputation for good. It would be nice to have Sega sell Sonic to Nintendo & he would only appear in Super Smash Brothers games, then again, it would be better to not have him in anymore video games. What do you think? Either way, Sonic the Hedgehog's video game franchises should end.

Oh for Christ's sake. I'm so done with you Sonic Haters taking over this website. I don't care if you are Mario fans, Sonic will be around for a long time because the games have been good. 2 games were terrible, SO WHAT? Mario had two bad games and he's still fine! - DCfnaf

Sega has one last chance this year it's Sonic's 25th year Sega you can't screw up look how well Sonic Generations turned out for his 20th year why not this year NO SONIC BOOM FIRE AND ICE - spodermanfan1000

Take this off the list sonic is never gonna end it's the closest thing to mario and the games are good besides boom and 06. I hope sonic mania will finally give you a brain

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12 League of Legends
13 The Sims

The Sims is actually okay, but if they stopped now, I bet people would still buy and play it.

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14 Grand Theft Auto

It's repetitive and boring I don't see the point in this continuing.

I totally agree. This will just more and more controversy

Why does this need to stop? It has great games except for the GBA and GBC versions of it.

Why? Because they didn't make Grand Theft Auto V for PC oh boo hoo.

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15 World of Warcraft
16 Assassin's Creed

Assassins creed is a great video game series

A good idea at the start, but poorly executed. Number 2 is considered the best, but 2.1, 2.2, 3 and 4 are all rubbish.

Same guy from the "I bet the only reason" Post, and I hate Call of Duty, This Is Gold, Not One Bad AC Game Can Ruin This For Me

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17 Dragon Ball Z

The only cool Dragon Ball was the Mr Sparkle parody in A Simpsons comic Dragonbrawler X and the underrated movie with sexy Justin Chatwin (Goku)

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18 Mario Party

Mario is really famous, too famous to end the series, I would make a super Mario galaxy 3 for 2015, new super Mario bros 3 and super Mario sunshine hd for 2016 and then put the series on hiatus until 2020 to come up with more ideas and expand other franchises as well as make new ones - Harri666

Mario is amazing but who decided to make more games than Mario kart? I rather play monkey mania with my ps2 eyetoy - Harri666

19 The Elder Scrolls
20 WWE

No my grandma used to watch wrestling.

Most likely not to get canceled

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