Top 10 Video Game Series That Should End Now


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21 Pro Evolution Soccer
22 Candy Crush

Why does everyone hate this game? Its one of my favorites on Facebook. people want Sonic to die, but they want this crap to LIVE? - DCfnaf

23 Mario

He should. If sonic goes, Mario should because fan hate sonic for no reason.


24 Super Smash Bros.

This Franchise Just Causes Flame Wars! - VideoGamefan5

This Series Gets WAYYY Too Much Praise, I Mean People Fight Over Which Game Is The Best And Then Melee Fanboys Bully Brawl Fanboys And Melee Fanboys Like Wii U!, Man This Franchise Is Overrated, Brawl Is My Favorite Game As Of Now (When I Get A Xbox 360 Or Ps3/ps4, I Will Have More Great Games), But Still This Franchise Causes WAY Too Many Flame Wars - VideoGamefan5

25 Formula One
26 God of War
27 Dynasty Warriors
28 Lost Planet Series

Just too annoying, repetitive, and the bosses always feeze up.

29 Skylanders

It should've stopped after Giants

Cash cow says moo, right Activision? - DCfnaf

News no new game in 2017 yay - Tyoshi

30 Just Dance

It's the same thing every year very boring very pointless series - ikerevievs

I like this series whoever put this needs to die - KriCket33554

Well it is the same thing and over again they could have dlc packs with more songs - Tyoshi

31 Tekken
32 Little Big Planet

Don't murder me but... I don't like this franchise.

Sackboy makes want to eat roadkill skunk ass

33 Mario Kart

Enough already! They've made 8 of these and people keep buying them all even though they're all the exact same thing!

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34 Saints Row

Are you retarded? They only made like 5 games. Yes I know they have gotten pointless. But there's no reason cancel them.

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35 Tetris V 1 Comment
36 Metal Gear Solid
37 Resident Evil
38 Tales
39 Megami Tensei

A series of god awful JRPG's (yes, most of the Megami Tensei games are rated M, and that's saying a lot! ) that need to end soon, especially Persona! - SelfDestruct

40 Flappy Bird

Wow Wait, People Want Assassin's Creed And The Elder Scrolls To DIE? , And They Want This Crap To LIVE? , What Is Wrong With My Generation? - VideoGamefan5

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