Top Ten Video Game Series That Should Have Their Own TV Series

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Metal Gear Solid

That will be awesome but the viewers will be confused about the story

If this series doesn't make a great T.V. series, then no other series will.

Cliche anime game because cliche anime show. Giant robots and all. Yah!

That would be awesome

Grand Theft Auto

It may make a fun game but for T.V. it would just be modern day game of thrones.

Grand Theft Auto is great, but it will be horrible as a T.V. Show

This would be awesome

Oh Gawd I could only Imagine!

Crash Bandicoot

YES! Whoever put this at #1 is my best friend! This totally deserves a T.V. series! If they make one, I hope it does good unlike that stupid show pacman and the ghostly adventures

I might make one using the retro action figures and upload it to YouTube or something!

Dude yes! This made me so happy to see it at number 1!

Hell yeah crash was a little bit of a crackhead though

God of War
Assassin's Creed

Due to the game excellent story's and locations a series would be filled with great twists and turns.

It already does have a series called Assassin's Creed Lineage.

Dark Souls

Just imagine all the lore being explaned and the alwesome fights,imagine the protagonist getting better at things like magic,miracles,pyromancy and learning to use other weapons.

we could start with someone who can only use small blades like the shortsword and doesn't know any kind of magic,by the end of the serie he would know every magic and would have every weapon.


Imagine walking dead with monsters, awesome weapons, and a hell of a lot more people

Spyro the Dragon Spyro is a series of platform games which primarily features the protagonist Spyro the Dragon and his friend, Sparx the Dragonfly.

Spyro is a very good series with a well thought out story and great character development. Above many other games it most certainly deserves a T.V. series so people can simply enjoy its story

The Legend of Zelda

Well, you know Legend of Zelda had its own series back then

It will be amazing

It already has one but it’s bad and needs a new one

It already has a T.V. show

Call of Duty

Why isn't Call of Duty #1 it's action pact, has sad deaths, and ausom

Come on, it's a good idea right? Coming from a Nintendo Fanboy(yes its true).

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The story is incredible! It needs a movie series or T.V. series. 6 part movie series; 1) Bioshock Welcome to Rapture 2) Genetic Rapture 3) Welcome to Columbia 4) Bioshock Infinite 5) Burial at Sea 6) Full Circle

Sunset Overdrive

This game if more popular could of easily been made into a series

Mass Effect
Final Fantasy

But what game will it be based on? Will different games be seasons?

Yeah like pokemon

Saints Row
Mortal Kombat

MK had a semi decent cartoon series.

Team Fortress
Super Smash Bros

But the producers would run out of ideas.

Maybe based on adventure mode!

Super Mario

Make more super Mario bros adventures! I love the super Mario world and bros 3 one!

I want another Mario series

Make the Koopa kids

Actullay they had the super Mario bros super show and the adventures of super Mario bros 3 and super Mario world


This does have a T.V. show

Mega Man X
Mega Man Zero
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