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1 Grand Theft Auto Series

I just want to make it clear: all game franchises will have bad games. None are perfect. Perfection is far from what we have now, and probably will never be attainable. Some may classify as 'amazing' or will 'leave you speechless,' but that doesn't mean it's the best. This goes for Grand Theft Auto and all other series on this list and in existence. - Wolfy_29

I beg to differ, Grand Theft Auto V is a bad game

Can you explain how it's bad? Plus it's not an objectively bad game - christangrant

Many people tend to forget the gameboy and gba Grand Theft Auto games exist - ikerevievs

But the advance was not good if we compared with the other Grand Theft Auto. But it does not sucks.

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2 Super Smash Bros. Series

WRONG! Smash 4 is HORRIBLE! The ABSOLUTE worst of an otherwise great series!

The worst game in the series based on expectations was SSB4 because of the lack of story mode and no big differences with SSBB. The only thing to play this for is the online mode, because MOST characters are balanced.


No. Bad. Games.

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3 Dark Souls Series

2 was decent but not terrible unlike what the community says - YourWaifuSucks

4 Uncharted Series

Brilliant series not played on the vita game but the rest are solid

If you exclude the PSVita game which isn't even made by Naughty Dog anyway. - cjWriter1997

5 Legend of Zelda Series

Asides from the CD-i games, all of the Zelda games are either amazing or not bad.

Their worst game was wind waker which wasn't actually too bad. - neehawgamer

I wouldn't count the CD-I games, since they weren't developed by Nintendo anyway. - cjWriter1997

They technically count unfortunately, that's like removing the educational Mario, and Hotel Mario game or games from the equation. - htoutlaws2012

I'm with cjWriter1997 on this one, the unlicensed games, like the educational games and CD-I games should not count towards the series, since they had little to no involvement with the owners and designers of the licensed games - AdamAlkynian

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6 The Elder Scholls Series

I don't know about you, but a lot of people seem to judge ESO, though I'm not entirely sure if it should be included as a part of the series...and then there's of course those "Oblivion/Morrowind/Daggerfall" is better than "*insert any other ES game here*" because [reason] arguments that are pretty pointless, because I personally think each ES game is good in their own way. Arena started it all, Daggerfall was similar to Arena with a few upgrades and improvements, Morrowind, even today, is known as one of the best 3D games of all time, Oblivion had a good story and a variety of characters, not to mention amazing DLC (Shivering Isles, duh! ), and Skyrim had the best graphics and, in my opinion, the best gameplay - Livirus

It's "Elder SCROLLS." But yes, none of the Elder Scrolls games are bad. - LordDovahkiin

There are no bad games here. Only spelling. - Ashes

Eldet Scholls? - FondaSu

7 Half Life Series
8 Donkey Kong Country Series

This was perfected every time! - Entranced98

Sorry, I made a mistake here.

I was right, No bad games to this franchose.

Let me start over again.

I was right, No bad games to this franchise.

9 Fallout Series

Brotherhood of steel sucks but the all the Fallout games are the best ever made

Remove it now thanks to 76. - B1ueNew

Fallout 76 is bad game

Fallout 76 - Callistowo

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10 Metal Gear Series

This is one of the only ones on this list I agree with. Some games aren't as good as others (and Survive doesn't count), but all are great games by themselves.

There is one bad game metal gear survive - Dvafan2

Metal Gear Survive - Callistowo

are all good games...
hence this must be number 1

p.s... I know survive sucks and acid and ghost babel are lame...
but they are not part of the metal gear series...
they are spin off games

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The Newcomers

? WWE Smackdown vs Raw Series
? Tekken Series

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11 Kirby Series

They can do anything with Kirby and still succeed in making a good game with the cute puff ball. - Rue

Finally it gets recognition - CNSucksNow

Oh and by the way, happy 25th anniversary Kirby! - cjWriter1997

No because Rainbow Curse exists. - Drawbox

Nah, it was just a worse version of Canvas Curse. And most Kirby games are just mediocre. - Drawbox

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12 Mortal Kombat Games

I know there are two games not really apart of the main series, but Mortal Kombat's Mythologies (Sub Zero), and Special Forces were not exactly good. - htoutlaws2012

13 Batman Arkham Series

What about Lockdown (it's a mobile guy but still). - Extractinator04

What about Origins - Seph01

14 Mario Series

The Mario series does have some bad games that are hidden, but it's still better than the Sonic series. - LemonComputer

At least none of the main Mario games or Mario Kart games are bad, but rather amazing. Some of the spinoff titles range from mediocre to bad.

The series has almost always been amazing, and it's pleasing to see that the more mediocre Mario games are just becoming forgotten now. - Entranced98

Especially super mario bros 3

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15 Doom Series

Doom 3 wasn't particularly terrible... It just wasn't a doom game. It felt more like Resident Evil actually.

Doom 3 sucked to be honest... - CaptainMowzker

Doom 3 was bad - NuMetalManiak

16 Pokemon Series

If you count main region series? , then yeah there is no bad games - B1ueNew

Every pokemon games isn't awful but the best

Main series there is one let's go - Dvafan2

Pokemon GO - Callistowo

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17 Kingdom Hearts Series

One, maybe two good games. i.e. KH & KH2. Everything else has convoluted the story to an unrecognizable mess. Gameplay is stilted and overall a waste of a interesting concept. - Sleepwalkered

I swear to God that I would hate KH even more if it had Sonic or Fire Emblem characters in it. It is bad enough that Disney ruined Square-Enix enough with this series, we don't need other companies' characters involved in this. Thankfully it never happened due to KH not being released on a Nintendo console with the exceptions of handhelds, but even though...

KH is a total disgrace to all video game franchises/systems and no one can change my opinion on that.

It is a bad series, and yes, it has bad games. KH2 is the worst of them all.

18 Mass Effect Trilogy
19 Left 4 Dead Series
20 Battlefield Series

Umm wrong Hardline, and also Battlefield 5 will suck too - B1ueNew

Battlefield V - B1ueNew

21 Bioshock Series

Infinite sucked - EliHbk

22 Portal Series

Portal 2 is probably the best game of all time. Portal was also amazing but not as good as portal 2. If portal 3 comes out it would be the best day of my life

23 Dora the Explorer: Barnyard Buddies

Such a detailed game,

Trolls. - DarkBoi-X



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24 Mario Kart Series

From Super Mario Kart to Double Dash to Mario Kart 8, these were all a blast! Mario Kart Wii was my favorite! Mario Kart 7 wasn't as enjoyable as the rest but it wasn't a bad game, so the Mario Kart series was always good.

Every single game is good. They all have flaws but are still great games - Randomator

38? This needs to be A LOT higher!

Should by higher

25 God of War Series

God of war really got me playing every month but since the new game has been realesed I am challeging myself on every game a really fun series

26 Five Nights at Freddy's Series

All the games sucked - Dvafan2

This because even FNAF World was enjoyable.

All of them - Callistowo

FNAF and FNAF 2 were the only good ones. - DarkBoi-X

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27 Gunvolt Series

Mighty No. 9 doesn't count. - PerfectImpulseX

28 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

Have you heard of Sonic 06. - Demogorgan

I think I heard more about Sonic Boom than 06, even though Boom isn't canon. - MasterCreepy

29 Borderlands

Pre sequel was actually REALLY good, It's just the fans of the second one don't see that it's an overlooked masterpiece - B1ueNew

30 Gears of War Series

But judgment sucked.

31 Final Fantasy Series
32 Tomb Raider
33 Halo Series

Bad game it has guns - TENTACRUEL

A series is not a "game" having guns doesn't make it a bad game by this logic I guess Duck Hunt is a bad game because you use a Gun to shoot ducks. - christangrant

I have to disagree with this one sadly, I mean I might be picky based on how I view Halo 4 right away, and a lot of the later 343 games that were not nearly as phenomenal as they should be, but do I find the RTS's to be good? Honestly no, they have good cutscenes, but that's all I can give it. Halo and RTS does not seem right, and the fact a decade later we get a sequel okay not what I was asking for. - htoutlaws2012

34 Azure Striker Gunvolt Series

I hope they make a 3rd one! :D - PerfectImpulseX

35 Jet Set Radio
36 Assassin's Creed Series


37 Pokemon Should Be First

Yes, I think. But remove this somehow. - Ikura

It should - TENTACRUEL

38 Star Fox Series

If Command and Zero didn't exist, I would agree 100% with this.

AHAHA, what a funny joke. - Rue

39 Ratchet & Clank Series
40 Timesplitters Series
41 Blazblue Series
42 Call of Duty Series

I don't really agree with this because the last good Call of Duty game that came out was bo2 and then the series turned into trash

This shouldn't be on here it's a bad game it has guns - TENTACRUEL

While it shouldn't be on this list, but imagine hating a game because it has guns... - christangrant

Almost every Call of Duty game after BO2 sucked. - MrCoolC

*Infinite warfare* - B1ueNew

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43 Sonic Series

No, we have Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric and Sonic 06. Not EVERY game was good - DCfnaf

Unfortunately I disagree with this one. Many newer Sonic games are either mediocre or downright awful (Rise of Lyric, Sonic 06...) - Entranced98

Sonic Boom isn't canon and wasn't made by Sega/Sonic Team but I can agree with 06. - MasterCreepy

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric wasn't that good, unfortunately.

Rise of Lyric
06 - Callistowo

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44 Bubsy Series

That's funny.

Are you sure about that?

These games looks like a bad sign.

45 Parappa the Rapper Series
46 Trials Series


47 Shantae Series
48 Mario Party Series

9 and 10 - Callistowo

49 Megaman Series

Mega Man X7 - Callistowo

My cool game

50 Bayonetta Games
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