Top 10 Video Game Series with No Bad Games


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21 Portal Series
22 Gears of War Series
23 Pokemon Series
24 Azure Striker Gunvolt Series

I hope they make a 3rd one! :D - PerfectImpulseX

25 Star Fox Series

If Command and Zero didn't exist, I would agree 100% with this.

AHAHA, what a funny joke. - Rue

26 Ratchet & Clank Series
27 Timesplitters Series
28 God of War Series
29 Blazblue Series
30 Call of Duty Series

No. Black Ops III is bad. - jack2244

31 Sonic Series

No, we have Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric and Sonic 06. Not EVERY game was good - DCfnaf

Unfortunately I disagree with this one. Many newer Sonic games are either mediocre or downright awful (Rise of Lyric, Sonic 06...) - Entranced98

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric wasn't that good, unfortunately.

Sonic Boom was like the worst game ever - Randomator

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32 Bubsy Series

That's funny.

33 Tomb Raider
34 Parappa the Rapper Series
35 Halo Series

I have to disagree with this one sadly, I mean I might be picky based on how I view Halo 4 right away, and a lot of the later 343 games that were not nearly as phenomenal as they should be, but do I find the RTS's to be good? Honestly no, they have good cutscenes, but that's all I can give it. Halo and RTS does not seem right, and the fact a decade later we get a sequel okay not what I was asking for. - htoutlaws2012

36 Trials Series


37 Mario Kart Series
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