Top 10 Video Game Songs to Play at Certain Sections and Areas of Undertale

NOTE: This does NOT include songs from Undertale itself

The Top Ten

1 Smiles and Tears - Earthbound (Pacifist Ending)

Describes this ending perfectly - xandermartin98

2 Main Theme - Final Fantasy VII (Post-Pacifist Underground Free-Roam)
3 Un Owen Was Her - Touhou (Undyne the Undying Battle)
4 Satorl Marsh at Night - Xenoblade Chronicles (Waterfall in Pacifist and Neutral Runs)
5 Gathering Stars in the Night Sky - Xenogears (New Home in Pacifist and Neutral Runs)
6 Betrayal - Silent Hill 2 (Amalgamate Encounters)
7 The Wind is Blowing at Cavi Cape - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (The Ruins)
8 Lower Brinstar - Super Metroid (Waterfall in Genocide Runs)

Get ready to stain the previously blue soil RED

(except technically not, because blood is actually dust in the Undertale universe...well, I suppose you could always pretend it's red liquid dust)

Also, I literally just realized that the opening portion of this song's piano solo sounds just like the first half of the opening melody for Undertale's GAME OVER theme, which would serve as absolutely brilliant foreshadowing if said theme remained the same - xandermartin98

9 Rage of Sparta - God of War 3 (New Home in Genocide Runs)
10 Hustle for Pride - Mother 3 (Papyrus Battle)

In other words, the even goofier version of Unfounded Revenge - xandermartin98

The Contenders

11 Adventure's End - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (Sans Battle)
12 New Age Retro Hippie - Earthbound (So Sorry, Glyde, Gyftrot, Snowdrake and Ice Cap Battles)

Also, Temmie and Aaron - xandermartin98

13 Beautiful Lie - Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Soulless Pacifist Ending)
14 Giygas' Intimidation - Earthbound (Amalgamate Encounters)
15 Strong One - Mother 3 (Undyne Battle)

The sheer amount of raw, fear-inducing energy that the MOTHER 3 soundtrack's composers put into every single note of this particular song suplexed a boulder, just because it could - xandermartin98

16 An Underlying Problem - Shovel Knight (Hotland in Pacifist and Neutral Runs)
17 Zanza - Xenoblade Chronicles (Asriel Battle)
18 Eyes of Flame - Cave Story (Toriel Battle)
19 Dig-A-leg - Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Mad Dummy Battle)
20 Francis Battle - Super Paper Mario (Alphys' and Box Mettaton's Theme)
21 Omen - Xenogears (True Laboratory)
22 Metroid Prime Battle - Metroid Prime (Omega/Photoshop Flowey Battle)
23 Elder Princess Shroob Final Battle - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (Asgore Battle)
24 Porky Means Business - Earthbound (Sans Battle)

You mean Big-BONE-dy - xandermartin98

25 We're the Robots - Mega Man 9 (Mettaton Ex Battle)
26 Snowman - Earthbound (Snowdin)
27 Smashing Song of Praise - Mother 3 (Muffet Battle)
28 Apple Kid's Theme - Earthbound (Talking to Gerson, Shop Temmie and Burgerpants)
29 Absolutely Filthy Apartments - Mother 3 (Napstablook's House)

Also at the entrance to the MTT Resort - xandermartin98

30 Battle Against a Weak Opponent - Earthbound (Whimsun, Moldsmal, Froggit and Dog Battles)

Also, Migosp battles as well - xandermartin98

31 Northern Hemispheres - Donkey Kong Country (Snowdin in Genocide Runs)
32 Tragic Reconstruction - Mother 3 (Encountering Toriel and Papyrus in the Genocide Run)
33 Battle Against a Weird Opponent - Earthbound (Vegetoid, Loox, Jerry, Astigmatism, Woshua, Shyren, Vulkin and Knight Knight Battles)

Also quite probably Gyftrot and quite possibly Moldbygg

(really, MOST of the enemies in this game are incredibly weird, aren't they? I'm sure that all the other Earthbound fans can relate, wink nudge) - xandermartin98

34 Battle Against a Mobile Opponent - Earthbound (Aaron, Tsunderplane, Pyrope, Royal Guard Duo and Madjick Battles)
35 Chozo Laboratory - Metroid: Samus Returns (The Core in Pacifist and Neutral Runs)
36 The One Who is Torn Apart - Xenogears (The Core in Genocide Runs)

Referring quite literally to Gaster, of course - xandermartin98

37 Magmoor Caverns - Metroid Prime (Hotland in Genocide Runs)
38 Battle Against the Masked Man - Mother 3 (Sans Battle)
39 Lost Painting - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Waterfall in Pacifist and Neutral Runs)
40 Junk Food for a Dashing Youth - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (Talking to Burgerpants)

Just imagine a character in the DR1-UDG portion of the Danganronpa franchise making good old Burgerpants' facial expressions, and then try to predict what the initial background music for it would be - xandermartin98

41 In the Room - Mother 3 (Sans' and Papyrus' House)
42 Parking Area: Dur-T Cafe - Mother 3 (Napstablook's House)

Don't run inside.

You'll kick up the emo spores. - xandermartin98

43 Magypsy Theme - Mother 3 (Mettaton's House)
44 Best Day of My Life - American Authors (At End of Genocide Run)
45 Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent - Earthbound (Napstablook, Mad Dummy and Muffet Battles)
46 Mr. Monokuma's Lesson - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (Sans' Theme)

Preferably with Sans' text-speaking sound effect dubbed over the "BA BA BA BA, BA BA; BA, BA BA" part of the song, at that - xandermartin98

47 Techno Boss Battle - Radiation's Halloween Hack (Mettaton's Bomb-Defusing Minigame)

Seriously, why was this song NOT brought back again? - xandermartin98

48 Boss Battle 2 - Chrono Trigger (Toriel and Asgore Battles)

Guess you could say that attempting to beat Asgore on the Pacifist Run with no healing items is a ROYAL pain in the buttocks - xandermartin98

49 River Twygz Bed - Super Paper Mario (Snowdrake's Mother Encounter)
50 Item Room Ambience - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (True Laboratory)
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1. Smiles and Tears - Earthbound (Pacifist Ending)
2. Main Theme - Final Fantasy VII (Post-Pacifist Underground Free-Roam)
3. Un Owen Was Her - Touhou (Undyne the Undying Battle)


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