Top Ten Video Game Systems of All Time

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41 Chintendo Vii

Should Be Higher Then Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii Ripped Off The Chintendo Vii

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42 X68000
43 Sega Sg-1000

Ah, Sega's first days, before everything changed.

Technological marvel for its day

44 Sega Master System

You can't forget this one!

45 iPod Touch
46 Sega CD

Although it failed the sega cd had some great games like Sonic CD, Sol Feace, The Terminator and Batman Returns

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47 iPhone

I love the user-friendly and ease of all iPhones. The just keep getting better. I have no complaints about the iPhone except that they come out with newer versions so quickly it's just mind boggling how many new features that apple can master and create. It's wonderful and I look forward to each new version. Thanks apple!

You can almost do anything an iPhone/iPod touch. This is a great present to get.

48 Atari Jaguar

Nice looking console but bad - KriCket33554

49 Pong

This is a video game not a system but I still love it. - RPD6478

50 Panasonic Q

It's a Gamecube and DVD Player In one It should be number 1

51 Samsung Galaxy S4

This Is Not A Game System It's A Phone

I just love the HD big screen. Games like Clash of Clans work like a treat. definitely good.

52 Panasonic 3DO
53 TurboGraffix
54 ColecoVision
55 Intellivision

The controller might be complicating but man it was 1980 Even if Atari had a simple joystick

You can't go wrong with one of the most classic consoles ever

56 Neo Geo CD
57 Sega Game Gear
58 Atari Lynx
59 Sega 32X

The only game I like is Knuckles Chaotix - spodermanfan1000

60 Sega Nomad
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