Inspecting Long Lists #2 IGN's ''Top 100 Video Game Villains'' Part II

htoutlaws2012 Welcome to Part II of this countdown. Continue with fifty.

#50 Team Rocket: Oh yes the comedic villain sure, but I assume there are Pokemon experts who say others before them.

#49 Zeus (God of War II): His a pretty good villain, much more than Cronos.

#48 Geth: They are a race that occasionally come for you in multiple different ways for you to die.

#47 SHODAN: Very awesome villain that should be higher up the list honestly. She literally controls the whole place which makes her even more evil with the purpose of what she is trying to make you do the whole game.

#46 Grue: Also known as the whole text on the entry which really should not count if so. Just a Dark message is all it is.

#45 Flood: I'd say for Halo: Combat Evolved sure, but they kept overusing them way too much in the later games.

#44 Kessler: His future Cole MacGrath basically, so think Dan Phantom only very menacing.

#43 Akuma: Identical moves to Ryu, only for evil.

#42 Sinistar: Run! Run! Coward! I hunger, Beware Coward! RRAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH!!!! Seriously iconic lines alone is top 5 for me because how incredibly hard he is to kill.

#41 Arthas: From Warcraft 3 ugh all I know is his the Lich King.

#40 Sofia Lamb: Main villain of Bioshock 2, basically a librarian recreates all evil.

#39 Harbinger: Sure, evil collector.

#38 Bob the killer goldfish: okay, strange entry moving on.

#37 Lich King: I just mentioned you, and why do you have 2 spots on the list dumb logic.

#36 Dormin: Posses bodies that's pretty evil enough to be here, even if the final fight is a little more what you expected.

#35 John Henry Eden: The president of 2077, literally wants you to serve as his ''cabinet'' for total control only to realize that the supercomputer is a good manipulator into buying into the BS.

#34 Kain (Legacy of Kain): pretty underrated villain with a great voice actor. One with a black heart and no remorse for Raziel.

#33 Darth Malak: Greatest villain to not appear in a star wars movie, if you get far enough in the game you'll completely understand my point.

#32 Big Boss: This quite a odd choice to put on here, sure his intentions give you a background of a villain, but the only time you saw that was Metal Gear from the nes, that's only if you were good enough to get there.

#31 Wario: His more of an anti-hero which I like. His a goofy villain, but has charm to him.

#30 Ultros: Never cared for Final Fantasy.

#29 Saren: His more controlled the anything, what I mean is he was just a squid possessed by Reapers. Better yet why aren't they on the list?

#28 Revolver Ocelot: Good villain, liquid should of been higher.

#27 Dr Breen: "You have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to one of our finest remaining urban centers." just a legendary villain in a almost perfect FPS you could ever ask for.

#26 The Covenant: Sure for being the first standard villain of the series why not.

#25 Darth Vader: Very iconic movie Villain, but in the Famicon's star wars yeah his a villain only because he turns into a scorpion. ''I am your father, but I am also a f***ing scorpion''

#24 LeChuk: somewhat comedic, but deserves the high spot. Every time you fought he would be dead, he would always come from behind and haunt you wherever you go.

#23 Dracula: ''what is a man? A miserable pile of secrets.'' Its one of those so bad, but good video games lines ever. Just for that I'd say sure.

#22 Combine Soldiers: As a unit yeah they are tough, but above Dr. Breen though.

#21 Mecha-Hitler: Hey Hitler is on the list twice, except this is the one I would put on the list for how statifying it is to finish him off for good with instant replay.

#20 Joker: The greatest Batman villain for sure, one of the best villains in gaming absolutely especially in Arkham Asylum.

#!9 M. Bison: YES! YES!!! Vega!

#18 Kefka: Can not really say much other than he might look like coll clown villain maybe.

#17 Sarah Kerrigan: Oh yes the queen of blades is indeed one of the best female villains ever. I mean no other antagonist on the list has more depth then she has lately done right.

#16 Space Invader Aliens: Oh the scary pixels in this image (sarcasm). Seriously this beat most of the list.

#15 Great Mighty Poo: Quite possibly the strangest, but yet humorous bosses in history

#14 Albert Wesker: His the cool backstabber, and the main villain in most of the Resident Evil games.

#13 Dr. Wily: Sure, but after you beaten a creation of his runs away next time over and over again.

#12 Mike Tyson (Punch-out!!): Not sure if I would consider Tyson a villain he doesn't have it out on Little Mac other than his one of the hardest to beat in history.

#11 Dr. Robotnilk: His a pretty cool villain, he is the one character on the list that really looks the same consistency through the years.

#10 Andrew Ryan: The guy who remind you of Walt Disney's counterpart in video game form. Not only that the head of Rapture.

#9 Mother Brain: huh... So you put Brain on the list, but not Ridley odd coincidence.

#8 Psycho Mantis: Great villains definitely the highest one I put above the rest of the metal gear villains. ''You like castlevania don't you?'' A villain that also does great trolling.

#7 Pac man Ghosts: There hard as hell, they totally deserve the high spot (surprisingly). The direction they all go in makes it tough to beat in a single long run.

#6 Nazi Zombies: To me its just a zombie who just wants you dead and that's it not enough characters so not only too high on the list, but perhaps the only COD related spot on the list I would rather have Makarov on the list then.

#5 Donkey Kong: Well the original yea absolutely, but if anything I would actually have lower on the list believe it or not. Overtime Donkey Kong became more good then bad.

#4 Sephiroth: Never cared for the series, but I've heard wide range that his overrated in the series.

#3 Ganondorf: Probably the most iconic Zelda villain ever.

#2 Bowser: Literally a cool villain with metal Music of course his top 3 worthy.

#1 GlaDOS: Good villain, definitely better then the villains in Portal 2. Number one is hard to say.

That is the list, now I'm not gonna replace entries like last time there were too many errors so instead I will just give you my top most evil villains.

10. Giygas (They mighty poo in there were not Giygas)
8. Officer Tenpenny (I mean its Samuel L. Jackson)
7. Kerrigan
6. GlaDOS
5. Dr. Breen (His better than 27 that is for sure)
4. Bowser
3. Ganondorf
2. Sinistar (impossibly brutal)
1. Cyberdemon (he can be killed, but it will take a ton of tries to do it)

I'll be honest no way would I have had enough replacements, majority of those placements were totally bizarre to put in the right place so on that note i'm out.