Video Games of 2014 with the Best Soundtracks

Vote for what you think is the best video game soundtrack of 2014.

The Top Ten

1 Shovel Knight

We knew this be number one. 8-bit music never sounded so good. - cjWriter1997

2 Mario Kart 8

One of the best Mario Kart soundtracks ever! - cjWriter1997

3 Divinity: Original Sin

Underrated soundtrack from a pretty underrated RPG. - cjWriter1997

4 Bayonetta 2
5 Transistor
6 Destiny

I may not be a fan of Destiny, but I have to admit, it's score is pretty amazing. - cjWriter1997

7 Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

It's like every iconic game theme in one with the Smash Bris touch. - cjWriter1997

8 Far Cry 4

A surprising good soundtrack from an okay game at best. - cjWriter1997

9 Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

David Wise has done it again here. - cjWriter1997

10 Dragon Age: Inquisition
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