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81 The LEGO Movie Video Game V 2 Comments
82 Now That's What I Call Music 50 Flash Game
83 Freedom Planet

This game blew my mind! It's like the Sega Saturn game that should've been. Sonic the Hedgehog style speed meets Treasure grade action and difficulty in this glorious feast for the senses.

84 Gran Turismo 6

Other than the slight downfall of both graphics and damage models compared to forza 5 this game is pretty good

85 Grid Autosport

Tougher than I thought

86 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

This game is awesome. All you naru haters need to stop. name 1 problem I dare you

V 1 Comment
87 Strider
88 Forza Horizon 2 V 1 Comment
89 Valiant Hearts: The Great War

An underrated masterpiece with true depth and substance. A great contender in proving that video games do have the potential to be recognized as an art form. One of the best original soundtracks for anything in a very long time, excellent balance of emotion, three dimensional characters, groundbreaking use of light and color, unique art style, great story. Possibly the best thing about Valiant Hearts is that you don't fire a single shot in the whole game (with the exception of AA guns and tank shots in brief sections), instead the game actually challenges the player by making them think about what is going on around them and seeing all the people suffering. It's great to finally see a video game about war that has more to offer than just mindless shooting with no substance, instead it carries a serious message about a group of complete strangers who become very close friends in a horrific time in history and have to endure it together.

V 1 Comment
90 The Last of Us: Remastered
91 Tropico 5
92 Project Spark
93 Final Fantasy XV
94 Nes Remix 2
95 Don Bradman Cricket 14
96 Project Diva F 2nd
97 Minecraft

I went to "search list," and told myself "I KNOW there's gonna be some six-year-old that put Minecraft on this list." - XedFex

I have only ever played it on the computer and, for me, that is where the game needs to be played to get the full experience. - BKAllmighty

Wow this game was released 2009 stupids wow

2009 is the era of the cave game that is also Minecraft order of stone

V 18 Comments
98 Rainbow Six Siege V 1 Comment
99 Mario Maker

Let's be real here... It's Little Big Planet with Mario. Best thing that's coming in 2014.

100 Sonic Boom

It's a good thing this is at the bottom of the list - Sanicball

V 2 Comments
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