Best Video Games of 2015

The Top Ten

1 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Product Image

This game is #1. It's already considered to be the greatest RPG in history. And many fans are already claiming to be the greatest video game in history! It is perhaps the largest game ever made.. Or the largest in recent years - easily 30% longer than Skyrim.. And the longest, most fun story filled game this year with non stop action! Developers said it takes 50-100 hours to complete.. Which turned out to be on average 250 hours for many gamers to complete. I went about 400 hours! The graphics are beautiful. The side stories fit very well with the overall tone of the game. The musical score and composition is bar none - this game has everything... emotion, beautifully developed characters, plots, sub-plots, action, the list goes on and on...
had recently beat Bloodbourne before I played TW3.. So I wasn't holding out a lot of hope for it being that I thought From Softwares BB developed a very good game... Knowing the dynamics of story and game play would differ greatly I wanted to ...more

The best game I've ever played. The story is immersive and interesting, the lore of the world is really detailed and deep, the characters are all fantastic, and player choice actually impacts the game. From the opening cut-scene, the game had me hooked. The side quests are better than most full games. A lot of people will tell you the combat is bad, but I whole-heartily disagree. I think the combat is serviceable at worst, and intricate and best. It requires you to research your opponents, brew potions, use spells, dodge, parry, and attack. The game has so much stuff to do. You can't get bored with it, as there is 200 hours of content with loads of great quests. The DLCs themselves are better than most games, and Blood and Wine contains 30 hours of gameplay-more than most triple A titles today. All the characters are well developed, and every emotional beat feels earned and impactful. The graphics are great, and look like they could have been made in 2020. Dialogue feels natural. AND, ...more

This game is absolutely incredible! The developers obviously put an immense amount of effort into creating such a deep and rich world for the player. The story is an emotional journey that's not all about killing monsters, but also about the relationships and bonds you form along your journey to save the world. The combat allows for many variations of combat that the player can choose from; whether you choose to use alchemy or magic to destroy your foes, or you prefer the classic silver sword (heck, why not all three?! ). Speaking of abilities, the developers also did an incredible job to not only make all the abilities given to you useful throughout the entire game, but they also make sure that they make the abilities balanced so that the player can choose any battle tactics they desire and they will work. During and after the story,there are so many kingdoms, forests, castles, dungeons, oceans, caves, towers, and other hidden gems to explore in this vast game. Whether you choose to ...more

Controls: Very good controls, combat functions extremely well while horseback and swimming are also pretty good

Graphics: Absolutely stunning game. Though the characters and cutscenes and monsters and items all look great, it's the in-game environments that make up the huge open world that really make the game the most beautiful I have ever seen.

Combat: Very satisfying combat. Plays like an Action RPG with heavy emphasis on the Action: similar to Dark Souls, the Witcher uses RPG stats for the gear and character stats while controlling like an action game. The Witcher uses two swords, one for monsters and one for mortals, and can also use a small crossbow, bombs, potions, and several spells. Switching between items is easy and seamless in the midst of a fight, and character progression is handled cleverly and uniquely, allowing for high customization within the boundaries set by the story of your character. While combat is very fun, due to the amount of content in the ...more

2 Fallout 4 Fallout 4 Product Image

This game is extremely overrated. Same formula as the previous games, very repetitive, not next gen. Yes it's very good, but about just as good at fallout 3 or maybe even worse. Bethesda's (more particularly Todd Howard's) luck to get on people's good side is soon going to fade.

The game does have its faults but it's combat, RPG elements, open world exploration and settlement building make it really enjoyable. - marmalade_skies

It's a great game but not everybody will like it. RPG is a genre that is not kept in high regards by most gamers. Just like high fantasy in literature RPG games are put down very very easily. But 2015 saw 2 of the best RPGs in modern times Witcher 3 and this. The fact that you can live a life you can't because of restraints is what makes them more appealing. Fallout gives you a post-apocalyptic life, Witcher gives you a medieval life to lead, Grand Theft Auto gives you the ability to lead a life in modern times.

Is this better than Fallout 3? Yes and No.

Yes: It has multiple improvements. First off, it is downright HUGE. 250 hours of main campaign, PLUS 200 hours of side-missions (Which Bethesda is GREAT at) and of course the new option to build stuff. You can build your own shed, house, settlements, security, defenses. It also has raiders who will occasionally raid the settlement. NPCs are a huge part in Bethesda games (Skyrim for example) and the sheer amount of things ...more

Holy crap this is way better than Fallout 3. don't listen to what people are saying. It's got a kind of similar formula: open world RPG shooter. But everything is vastly improved. Shooting mechanics are almost as good as Call of Duty (i don't really like that series but it does have good shooting mechanics.) Graphics are meh, but not horrible like people say. Base building will take up hours of your time, and is super fun. Did you like Skyrim? You will love Fallout 4. It is a lot like Skyrim but more choices seem to have a bit more impact. Also the story is much better than Fallout 3 or Skyrim. Plus, it has a very colorful world in comparison to those games. I'm 80 hours in and not even close to finished with content. I'm close to done with the main quest, but there's a ton of sidequests left. So if you want a game that's worth your money, this is worth paying that $60. More bang for your buck in comparison to, say, Assassin's Creed or nearly any game besides the Witcher 3.

I honestly did not like this game that much. I found the rpg elements to be too lazy compared to what Fallout 1 and 2 were. The dialogue was focused more on cinema and voice acting rather than the dialogue itself. I immediately lost hopes of this game when there were options such as "Sarcastic."

The worst part of all was that you have limited player freedom. You do not have the choice to be an antagonist. There is no in depth quest for different choices or actions as you, the main character. If there are any, they are trash compared to the most generic option. No, this game is not like Skyrim, in which you have a variety of choices that effects your quest and position as the character.

Another choice that Bethesda made that I disapproved of was the removal of the karma system. Although many people who played 3 and New Vegas probably found the system pointless. I somewhat enjoyed the idea that characters would love/hate you or give different rewards depending on ...more

3 Batman: Arkham Knight Batman: Arkham Knight Product Image

This game is awesome... and some what disappointing

Pros -
1. Story
2. Graphics
3. Gameplay
4. Controls
5. Stealth combat
6. Side missions (for the most part)
7. Acting

Cons -
1. The Arkham Knight's identity
2. Over reliance on the Batmobile (I think adding it into the game was a good decision, but they relied on it to much), which leads to another problem
3. Bad boss fights. Instead of something interesting, they just have you fight tanks

Overall, I recommend it if, particularly you're a Batman fan, but there are some downsides which might take away from the experience

Voted for Super Mario Maker because it's better you plebs.

The non-canon Arkhamverse might just be the best thing that's ever happened to Batman (besides the abomination that was Origins). Arkham Asylum and Arkham City could probably sit comfortably on a best-of-all-time list, with Arkham City possibly being my favorite game of all time.

Arkham Knight, the final installment, is a bizarre one. The first one rated M, the first one with the Batmobile, and yet the first that has some issues. It's an amazing game. The story's awesome, the dialogue is priceless, Batman's fear hallucination's are ingenious, and the Batmobile is awesome and overpowered in ways that don't make gliding irrelevant.

However, I do have my gripes. The Arkham Knight is a badass, but his identity was just so... copout. It would be awesome if it was a new villain or something but he isn't. And also, the tank battles are... kind of overdone. You spend more time blowing up automated tanks and ...more

Batman Arkham Knight's story is amazing, the gameplay is fantastic, the graphics are incredible, but it is kind of repetitive and sometimes boring. The boss battles are ridiculous, but the Riddler was way improved.

I thought it was too...until I realized you had to get all those stupid riddler trophies all over again. Ugh.

This game should be (in my opinion) tie with fallout 4 because they keep me playing them again and again with endless joy. And why is Star Wars battlefront on this list? I love it but The game isn't out yet, it's out when you get the DLC.

4 Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat 9 was great but this one is even BETTER! Seriously, it has much smarter reasons for fights, it has a great graphics and story. All characters are interesting, even new chars are great

Looks interesting. I'm already in love with this game

Mortal Kombat X is an amazing game with amazing graphics. Though I admit it is not the best game of 2015 it does come pretty close

Best game of 2015?...Maybe; maybe not. But I voted for it just because of how great the graphics are! The characters' eyes look rather funny, but on the whole the graphics for this game are superb. The redesigns on Kitana, Scorpion and Mileena are good too.

5 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Product Image

Quite simply an amazing game. I really enjoyed Witcher 3 but I was let down by the gameplay. In my opinion the gameplay of MGSV is a lot better, and the online gameplay really swings it for me. In a great year for games for me The Phantom Pain is the best game that was released in 2015.

2015 has been the best year for games since 1998. There, I said it. Every AAA title has blown expectations (except Halo 5 :( ) and it all really kicked off with MGSV. This was the first game I played this year that made me feel like I was really in the next generation, and this is from an Xbox fanboy who's never played a Metal Gear game before. The freedom you have in what you do is so relevant that I can't even fathom how well it works.

The best game to come out in over 20 years, and maybe of all time.

I had a hard time deciding between this game and Undertale but I have to give the award of best game of 2015 to this game. I love the way the gameplay mechanics worked together and the organic nature of the open-ended missions that allowed us to create our own memorable experiences, without being punished for deviating from stealth. Only downside is the overarching storyline lacks focus but this is truly a gameplay marvel, rewarding intelligence and creativity in a way few games do.

This list should be made after the games acutally come out.

6 Bloodborne Bloodborne Product Image

I imagine most of these games were released after this list lol. Bloodborne and dying light are the only games I consider any good, top 10 at least. Number one might be halo 5 or some other shooter genre, but for me bloodborne was similar to dark souls but also something new. Number one for the year in my opinion.

Amazing story, beautifully poetic environment, innovative yet simple combat (and weapons) that reflects the theme of the story, amazing level and enemy design, and I can continue jerking this game off but to me it all boils down to Lady Maria. I know it's DLC, but she is, in my opinion, literally the best boss in all of gaming.

Seriously how is this not in the top 10?

Amazing game, one of the best I've ever played. The best story I've seen in a game that I have played, fun and very difficult gameplay, the lore, just everything about this game is amazing.

7 Super Mario Maker Super Mario Maker Product Image

Why play Call of Duty when you can play this? This should be No. 1.

Anyone who has this game knows it is awesome you can make your own Mario courses even Mario kart ones!

I'm surprised no-one thought of this idea before...

Oh, and the game's great too. Obviously.

Good but half of the levels are full of traps, invisible blocks, enemy spam and random chance

8 Undertale

All things considered, Undertale is, without a doubt, one of the top 20 most overrated, yet also shockingly greatest, video games of all time. Don't let its obnoxiously cancerous, comically overblown, rapidly festering fanbase spawned from the deepest depths of Tumblr deceive you; this game lives up to its name (though probably not its hype) and is anything but mere clickbait.

To make a ridiculously long story short, I adore this simply fabulous role-playing masterpiece to death, and in hopes that its desperately needed Hard Mode will eventually be finished, I am most definitely giving it at least 9 out of 10 dollars just for its story alone. And I shall now take a very important and honorable vow...

A vow that every gamer who considers himself such fancy and egotistical words as "classy" and "intellectual" and all of that stupid pointless bollocks has absolutely NO excuse NOT to play this beauteous masterwork; if you're reading this and you still haven't bought the game ...more

Tumblr stereotyper. Please elaborate on what is wrong with the fanbase except for the immature little cocky kids. - iiKyodaiKickz

This game is a masterpiece. It has components that you just don't usually see put together properly worked in like a piece of art. It's witty characters, storyline, jokes, music, and art make you feel like a kid again. The fact that it has become so popular in less than six months blows my mind, and yet, I feel as though that's the way it should be. This game has been in development for YEARS, and I will tell you, the waiting did not disappoint. Not only does it have three runs (pacifist, neutral, and genocide) that you can do, but the story lines change almost completely! Depending on what run you do first, it can even mess up your second gameplay. While reminding me of other great games (specifically Pokémon), it is a game like no other. If you've never seen/played it before, I highly suggest it. It will hold a dear place in your heart.

This game was honestly the best game I've ever played. It's funny and emotional in a way that simply can't be recreated. The plot was full of twists and turns, and the attention to detail really surprised me. I loved finding all of the little Easter eggs and references. The characters are all so diverse different in personality. Not to mention the soundtrack, which is absolute fire if I do say so myself. And depending on what you choose to do with this little Underground realm, it gives you more than just a single expected ending. But be careful when playing, because even the littlest amount of EXP gained can come back to bite you. In True Pacifist, my favorite ending, it gets really heartfelt and emotional by the time you reach the final boss. It's feels-wracking, it's witty where it counts, and it's stocked with cool things to discover. And it's only ten dollars. Yup. All this for just ten bucks. Buying it was probably the best choice I've ever made on the Internet. So long story ...more

This is the best game since Ocarina of Time, the characters, the story, the feeling you get while playing Undertale, its indescribable. This game an example for game makers around the world, this is the best indie game ever. (better then Shovel Knight, The Binding Of Isaac, and Super Meat Boy combined) this game changes your life, this game fills you with... DETERMINATION. Not to mention this game has great humor, this game should be number 1. It's a great experience that I suggest to anyone wanting to have a good time(do a genocide run if you want to have a REALLY good time) you need to pick up Undertale right away, its only $9.99 on Steam, and I'm not gonna spoil anything about this fabulous game. (I learned my lesson about that)

9 Call of Duty: Black Ops III Call of Duty: Black Ops III Product Image

This game blows. It was advertised as being a leap forward for the series, but it's the same thing yet again except for the movement mechanics. Terrible campaign, boring multiplayer, half-decent zombies. Avoid.

This is my personal favorite Call of Duty game. But, in my defense, I am a zombies player. People who dislike the zombies most likely enjoy the less complicated maps, which I respect. But, if you love managing multiple things, amazing gameplay, one of the best stories I've ever played, or even just shooting zombies, everything in this game delivers.
Now, the campaign. Everything after BO2 has been absolute trash. This one doesn't feel like the stakes are high, which I do in fact hate.
The multiplayer is kinda fun. Not my personal favorite (BO2 or BO1), but I still have an enjoyable time playing multiplayer.
If you do not enjoy this game, I completely understand. Especially if you're not a zombies player.

It was meant to be very innovative... is it? No...

It's got the same movement system as Advanced Warfare... except you can now also run on walls, and you can't slide to your SIDE. But luckily that's just the movement system. Anyway, the maps are actually OK, especially Combine, Nuk3Town, and, in my opinion, Skyjacked. Many of the maps use the classic Treyarch three lane map design, which is a good thing. It means they are simplistic, and easy to get around in. They also have a lot, almost too many, flanking routes.

As for the shooting mechanics... *shudder*... They're the worst we've seen in a long time. I think most of you have had that moment when you are head glitching (we all do it...), you poke your head out, and before you can even react, someone headshots you with a Gorgon or something that kills fast. The guns seem to take forever to kill on your screen, but on the enemy screen, they see you, and they're dead, if this makes any sense.

As ...more

I find it funny that people are complaint about it not innovating or doing new stuff. It's call of duty. If you want more Call of Duty you should get this game if not don't get it, it's as simple as that. I can't stand this game but those complaints don't really make sense if you want Call of Duty to innovate, don't buy it every year.

10 Just Cause 3 Just Cause 3 Product Image

A SEVERELY underrated game

This game will tie "Game of the Year" with Fallout 4

One of the best open world games ever made. It favors FREEDOM, creativity, and epic action packed gameplay and explosions, you will NEVER be bored of this game with all the things to do in this fictional open world game based on taking down military dictatorships in beautiful exotic countries.

I know that this game hasn't come out yet, but all the gameplay footage so far just points to the fact that this game is going to be really, really fun. Just Cause isn't made for difficult gameplay, it's just a game where you can blow everything up. And that is what makes it great.

Okay so maybe the frame rate can be a bit choppy and its low on overall content, but a video game should be about fun, and no game I have ever played has had me having as much pure fun as this does. Takes its predecessor and improves almost every detail. My game of the year.

This should be easy higher than Call of Duty but Call of Duty fan boys love to troll and rack up the vote falsely. This game is big and fun. Never boring. Unlike boring Call of Duty games that are pretty much all the same n no fun to play.

The Contenders

11 Life is Strange Life is Strange Product Image

Nothing else like it this year. I've met people who have told me this game helped them through tough times and difficult points in their lives. No other video game this year has been able to do that.

You want to cry. We got it. You want one of the best indie soundtrack and score ever heard in a video game? We got it. You want a compelling story that twists and turns every which way? We got it. You want so much character development that nearly every character isn't an "every man" or "Mary-Sue"? We got that too. You want some of the prettiest graphics of the year? We got that. You want some of the most depressing scenes in video game history? You bet your sweet ass you got that. There has never been anything else like this.

It may have not been graphically the best or had the best action sequences. But no game since The Last of Us has left such an impact on myself and millions of other players. The music is among the best I've ever heard in a game. The plot twists and the compelling characters that you form a relationship with become actual friends to you. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and it gave me a life lesson to not take things for granted because I don't have a rewind. I need to make everything count. Yes it's only a game, but it will change you and your view on how games are made forever.

It certainly had it's flaws- the ending is now infamous for being so inconclusive and inconsequential, and the writing and gameplay mechanics were both somewhat uneven at times, but overall it's received far, far more criticism than it ever deserved especially considering how rich, and overwhelmingly powerful the combination of it's compelling story, genuinely believable characters, meticulously designed environments, testing decisions and profoundly well-suited soundtrack were.

12 Rocket League Rocket League Product Image

Awesome! Really innovative, has a great formula for replayability.
Difficulty: 7/10. I liked the level of difficulty to master it, but too hard to get into.
Graphics: 9/10. I really like the animation style or some reason.
Soundtrack: 9/10. Cool lobby music and sound effects. No in-game music, though.
Replayability/lasting appeal: 10/10. Really addictive, rounds are 5 minutes unless forfeit or overtime and you'll want to play lots and lots of rounds to try and improve.
Gameplay: 10/10. So original, great set of modes, and just really well-designed.
Overall rating: 9.5 Pros: Original, well designed modes, getting you to want to play lots and lots of rather long rounds to improve. The appeal is the same in your 1st round and your 50th, takes right amount of time to master, cool sound and lobby music, great animation style.
Cons: Too difficult to get into, graphics and sound were slightly less than perfect, no in-game music. (not a huge flaw)

This should be MUCH higher on the list. It's a semi new concept and the cross play allows for all gamers to enjoy it together.

Every friend I showed this too thought it was dumb, but they came out of the game loving it!

Check out my compilation of goals, I be the best player ever, 360 no scope faze optic #1

13 Dragon Ball Xenoverse Dragon Ball Xenoverse Product Image

If you love dbz this is your game or even if you just like fighting games is just the best

This game needs to be higher! after over a decade of attempts, Xenoverse perfectly encapsulates what it would be like to play as a DBZ fighter in a game. Plus the original story and villain is a fresh change from just rehashing the same story as the show, I pre ordered the sequel on pure faith because of how good this game was.

One of the BEST DBZ games ever, aside form Budokai 3 and Budokai Tenkaichi 3 of course. And at least these games aren't so repetitive like some other game. *cough cough* Call of Duty,

Definitely a good game for the series of DBZ games. I hate generic fighters but always wanted DBZ to be somewhat an RPG type of game. I hope they move forward and continue to make this game better!

14 Star Wars Battlefront Star Wars Battlefront Product Image

This sub par cabs grab certainly doesn't deserve to be in the top 20 of this list. I think the worst part about this game is that there was already a perfect model that EA could have used to make the game complete and satisfying, yet they still ignored all of the ALREADY EXISTING content from previous Battlefront games that people loved. This was nothing more than a lazy cash grab that doesn't even have good multiplayer (the one real mode this game has). There is horrible inconsistency with weapon damage and accuracy. The servers are excruciatingly slow at times. The new hero and villain characters are ridiculously OP. And last but not least, the game is just downright boring. I wanted to love this game, I really did. I've always been a huge Star Wars fan and a (at the time) next gen Star Wars game was the coolest thing ever. Sadly myself, and many other Star Wars fans, were left disappointed by this sorry excuse for a game.

14? Okay, that is way too high for a game that only had two things that it did well: graphics and sound design. The rest of the game is garbage other than gameplay which is great but inconsistent with zero balancing. It's a 6/10 game at best in my opinion.

I agree with the person below me on the graphics and sound design: they were phenomenal. I enjoyed the iconic dogfights, blasters, and all the characters, but looking at it from purely how it fared as a game...I don't find it spectacular. It's great for giving fans something to relate the movies to, but as a game the lack of single player and repetitiveness makes it something that would just be taken out of the case every once in a while. Not a game that would keep me entertained for a long duration of time.

This was my first favorite Xbox game when I got my Xbox one S for Christmas.

15 Dying Light

The storyline is somewhat engaging and the gameplay is very engaging, but it gets boring after you finish the main quests. It's not fun to play by yourself killing zombies to level up for no reason in campaign mode, and when you blindly qeue for online mode, the players that are matched up to you can be any level, and have weapons and damage potential 100 times less or 100 times more than you. It's also hard to ignore the fact that you can ask a higher level for their trash weapons and use it to one hit virals.

I honestly wouldn't put this as my #1, but it REALLY deserves a lot better then the current ranking it has, Fallout 4 beats this one in my books, but just barely.

The graphics are good and the parkour engine is fun at first, but that's about it. This game desperately tried to set itself apart from the other cookie-cutter zombie games, yet it sadly has the same premise as Dead Rising: go around and be everybody's errand boy!

Dying Light takes an overused genre and gives it a breath of fresh air. It isn't the typical zombie game where you find yourself fending off mass hoards of the undead only to retrieve the random quest item for a random dude. You fight against unique zombies with a variety of customizable weapons while parkouring through the city to help save people you grow to love.

16 Splatoon Splatoon Product Image

Uh... how the heck is Call of Duty, of ALL THINGS, higher than Splatoon? I know people hate it when someone says this, but guess what? Call of Booty is the same thing over and over again. People say "No, there's new guns and maps! " when Ubisoft (or Activision, can't remember) could just release that stuff as DLC. Improved Zombies mode? Patches/updates. New mode? Dlc. My brother is a huge Call of Duty fan, but he admits that one of the newer ones he purchased was black ops with a jetpack. Splatoon? It's a unique shooter. Heck, you don't even HAVE to shoot. Use a roller, inkbrush, octobrush! And while you can kill, your main focus is inking everything. There's even competitive Ranked Battles, map and gun dlc, (cough Call of Duty cough) campaign, local multiplayer, and not only do you buy weapons, but you can also get clothes, hats and shoes. And they actually do something; they give you special abilities instead of just looking cool. Point is, Splatoon rocks. It is definitely top 5 ...more

Well, Black ops 3 was a comeback on next gen. The last two games were downright atrocious. But splatoon should have been in the top ten. - Nayan2003

Here's one thing, single player is fun, too. I like playing online, but I'm not connected to the internet, so I go to a friend's house to play. I already beat every level in Octo Valley, and so did my brother. I honestly think that the enemies in single player are EXTREMELY CUTE.


Wow, a really unique SHOOTER game lower than Cancer, a 5 year old shooter game, and others?

Splatoon is really Diffrent than any other taking-over-something game.. Instead of boring red and blue teams, solution goes for Orange, blue, some kind of green, magenta/purple, and many other team colors!

And NO, even though you can kill, its not the goal like the Call of Duty (which is for 5-year olds,) its for you to take over by coloring the whole map with your team color!

And unlike any cancerous games, (yes undertale, I'm watching you) it isn't overrated, yet underrated. It's like a in the middle.

And also...SQUIDS? (I'm sure they were) WHO WOULDVE THOUGHT OF THAT? Well the creators of splatoon did!

And NO, if you are looking for a child game...ask them to play Call of duty, Grand Theft Auto V, or undertale! LOADS AND LOADS AND LOADS of 3-5 year olds play those games!

This game is great but the only problem is that you easily get bored unless you play on multiplayer or online.

17 Assassin's Creed Syndicate Assassin's Creed Syndicate Product Image

Syndicate was a fantastic game. Nice graphics, fun gameplay, and plenty of missions to keep you occupied throughout. I also appreciated how they brought in a female role, and the environment of London is beautiful. A really solid and entertaining game for the series, this really should be higher on the list. Who gives a crap about making a Mario level when you can be living the life of the coolest and most dangerous assassin, saving historic London from the clutches of evil.

Even through Assassins Creed changed a lot, I still love this one. I play Assassins Creed since the second one was realised, but this is way better.

Mostly, I love the atmosfere. London is such a beautiful city and in the game, it's made perfectly. You can find there the most popular historical buildings and the most popular historical people whom lived in London in 19's century; like Big Ben or St. Paul's Cathedral, Charles Darwin, Queen Victoria or Alexander Graham Bell.

Shooting is way better than in Unity. The designers made a really good work here.

Switching between Jacob and Evie is really interesting, too.

Syndicate deserves to be in a top 3!

The launch stability was much better than unity, but that's about all it has that's improved.

Graphics and Gameplay both look astounding, and storyline does not disappoint.

18 Halo 5: Guardians Halo 5: Guardians Product Image

This game was truly an upset in my opinion, the new abilities were fine the gameplay was fine, the campaign was a sorry excuse for a halo game such that I almost thought I was playing Call of Duty. That would have been acceptable, but they completely ruined multiplayer. Now the entire game revolves around reqs. They had a good concept; having ranked games to sort players into lobbies based on skill and not rank, but the ranking was based on a win-loss ratio which would have had a couple of issues anyway but the outcome of every game depended on who have the best reqs and who got their hands on the special weapon drops, so skill didn't play into the system or the multiplayer game at all. I honestly don't even think they deserve to call this Halo, regardless of the copyright. Someone needs to take Halo away from 343 until they can learn to treat it with respect

This game hangs at the border of Call of Duty and Halo. I was thoroughly disappointed by the amount of new material that brought the game further away from the general concept of Halo and more towards a game about the weapons in the game, and how cool the players can make them. That aside, I thought it was a decent game. I appreciate the game bringing back the infected game mode and the almost identical armors from Halo Reach. The Emile's Regards assassination was a nice nostalgic touch.
My biggest complaint for this game is: Where is the split screen? This should be a basic part of any Halo game. What's the fun of playing the game at your friend's house if only one of you can play? Not everyone has an Xbox One.

After playing this game for myself, I can honestly say it did not live up to the hype. The graphics, first, are indeed phenomenal. What I wouldn't give to experience it in virtual reality! But... looks don't make the cut. The campaign was cringe-worthy. You play as some strange spartan named "Loche" or "Lock" or something for the majority of the game, where the story is excruciatingly boring. Master Chief's segments are the game's only saving grace, but even then it feels lacking in plot. You're followed - whether Loche or Chief - by 3 mindless AIs that can't be controlled. My original hope for the game was the ability to play split-screen 4-players for the campaign, although I do see how that could have been hectic. Nonetheless, the plot is most definitely lacking, as if all Halo 4 drama has been thrown out the window. I can't really say more without spoilers.

Multiplayer is fine. It's suffered a loss of great game modes like Dominion and Ricochet/Oddball, but it's still fun ...more

I really enjoyed Halo 4 and its emotional campaign, but Halo 5 pretends like nothing you did mattered. Cortana is instantly back just cause and every mission is done with a group of AI buddies, even worse, you only play as the Master Chief for a few missions. I don;t care about some sissy young spartans, I wanted to play as the one and only Master Chief. Also this game doesn't even have splitscreen... What a joke. Instead we now have micro-transactions... In a Halo game... Hey you! Remember when games were made for the players enjoyment and not the Dev's greed. At least the multiplayer is half-decent

19 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Product Image

Amazing game. Too bad it was published by Ubisoft so the connection breaks a lot and it takes forever to find a game. Incredibly good game though.

My personal favorite fps of all time now, its bugged to hell but it's so intense, so fun so gripping, it may not be the best looking, it may not work right all the time, but its just a good change of pace from the bore fest of Call of Duty and battlefield. Not to mention free dlc.

My favorite game of all time it should have its own list for god sakes and this is coming from someone who has played Call of Duty since I was six

Ridiculously underrated. This game is one of the best tactical shooters of all time.

20 ARK: Survival Evolved

Ark is a game with great graphics and gameplay and there are many things to do

I don't know why this game is so low I know for offline players its not very fun but it's a cool and unique game

Y is it so underrated its awesome


21 Until Dawn Until Dawn Product Image

I loved this game so much. I've been playing it for almost 2 years. It drives me crazy on how good it is. Although, let's be honest, it's not crazy popular like Life Is Strange, but it's still worth so much and it can be popular is people wouldn't overlook it. It makes you sad on how people and the actors put so much time and care and EFFORT. It took 2 years to make the game. Life is Strange is a BEAUTIFUL game, but Until Dawn took a lot more time and care. I'm not begging to have this in the top ten because it doesn't belong. It hasn't been around long enough. The games that have worked for years and years belong in the top ten. Graphics? Outstanding. Gorgeous. It's actually scary, and really has the horror genre. Life Is Strange is meant to be a click style game- great choice. There choices actually change he game- Until Dawn had some trouble with that. Mainly, the game felt the same even when different choices were made. That's the one problem. Other than that, for a low famous ...more

Why isn't this in the top 10? its at number 45 at the moment what? They put so much effort into this game, and it didn't even get into the top 10. I don't even know how mortal kombat came first, but its just the messed up world we live in. I mean like its one of the best games I have ever played. The graphics were truly amazing!

This is one of my favourite games for many reasons. Mainly because you get to choose how your caracters are gonna act, and develop the story that way.I loved it because it has the horror game features but it has a much deeper meaning. The graphics are great too. I like the fact that you had to collect clues to fully understand the story. The totems were preety cool too. I also loved the don't move feature, it made the game 100times more stressful. I hope they release a dlc, or part 2 of the game. This game deserves to be higher on this list. (i also liked the sound of footsteps on the snow haha)

This game is really insane, it should be higher on this list. The plot is breathtaking and the graphics are too, and I love those games where you get to choose your characters' reactions, just like Beyond Two Souls. It's my ultimate crush this year...

22 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Product Image

I never played and for creepypasta reasons I never will sadly

"In my opinion, Majora's mask was the best game I had growing up. I can't tell you how much I loved it. I had always loved creepy things, sure as hell made my day many times. The storyline was phenomenal and no matter how many times I played it, I still kept a keen interest in it. Then comes the BEN Drowned story to go along... Long story short, we the people want more LOZ like this.

Majora's Mask 3D is a very philosophical game. If you play it, it could change your life, no joke. I especially love what the moon children say after you give them masks and stuff. So philosophical. So good.

This game is a masterpiece. It was the game the not me into one of the best game series of all time, The Legend Of Zelda. With great gameplay elements, an amazing story, and the highest pitch scream in gaming history, it well deserves to be in the top ten.

23 Xenoblade Chronicles X Xenoblade Chronicles X Product Image

Its unfortunate this game is somewhat silent to the gaming industry. It is truly a great continuation to the first Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii. Lets go let casual games take the lead though!

The game is bigger than Skyrim, has a deep and intriguing battle system, 200+ hours worth of side quests and 100+ hours of main story, not to mention the story is epic. Its truely and adventure, which some games of the past year are lacking in. Disappointing? that's silly. This game is amazing.

Easily my vote, I was hooked as soon as I started playing. The world size is just astronomical and the sense of adventure is second to none.

With hundreds of hours of interesting story, the most beautiful game world I've ever seen, and gameplay that (once understood) is engaging and interesting, Xenoblade X is without a doubt my favorite game of 2015.

24 Rise of the Tomb Raider Rise of the Tomb Raider Product Image

Lots are saying that this is a great game that deserves just as much love as some of these other titles, that Crystal Dynamics basically took everything right with the 2013 game and improved upon that. And to top it all off, it looks gorgeous. It's such a shame that it will be overshadowed due to timed exclusivity and coinciding with the release of games like Black Ops 3 and Fallout 4. Oh Microsoft, you silly bastards.

I like tomb raider. I's just disappointed that the publishers made it a timed exclusive for Xbox One. So now I have to wait another year. But now Sony is going to smack Microsoft in the face by making Final Fantasy 7 Remake a timed exclusive. Talk about payback.

This game is gorgeous. An excellent sequel, and a great way for Microsoft to make me get an Xbox because hell if I'm waiting for it to come out on ps4. Shame it was an exclusive though... Could have gotten more of a fanbase...

Need to be higher

25 Mad Max

I don't hear many people talking about this game, it's actually really good!

Its like Grand Theft Auto but better

This and Dying Light are the most underrated games of 2015
This game was so good
Maybe a bit repetitive but I played it for over 100 hours and I liked every second of them
The combat is so brutal and I think it's better than assassin's creed or batman
And no game has car combat like this

I've played it and it's a really good good game.

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