Call of Duty: Black Ops III


This is by FAR my favorite Call of duty game ever made! I am absolutely in love with the new movement mechanics! the campaign could be better, but then again not many people get Call of Duty for the campaign. The new multiplayer is amazing! I love the specialists and how you can choose them. another great new feature is free run. This is an obstacle course based off the Wall-Running, Boost jumping, and power sliding. The graphics are amazing, unless you are playing on an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3. The zombies mode is just as fun as the others, where this game features a zombies campaign, which is also named "Nightmares". No matter how you play, Black Ops 3 will blow you away!

OK, this game is admittedly fun, I can say that much. But at THIS point, these games should be REVOLUTIONARY. These games are still enjoyable, and anyone I know can pick up one of these games and play it for a while. But all this "step forward" crap needs to stop. This game is exactly what they've always been: a watered-down shooter with simple gameplay, a campaign that has as much effort put into it as the microwave burrito you made for lunch, and an online mode which is the only thing worth playing, if you can stand the cancerous fans of this franchise.
This franchise's success is still a mystery to me. Yes, maybe entertaining YouTubers played these games, but that alone doesn't explain why they make millions of sales every year. All of the Call of Duty games focus more on how they look than the experience you get, and I want a game WORTH $50-$60.

Worst Call of Duty game since Ghosts. Horrible story, same multiplayer from Advanced Warfare, and boring zombies. The campaign may even be worse than Ghosts. At least Advanced Warfare's story had some sense and brought new and different things to the table! - bakercomics

This game brought some interesting new aspects of gameplay to the table, especially for a Call of Duty game. And for God's sake, please stop attacking this game because it's a Call of Duty game. I can understand the dislike for Infinite Warfare, but this game should still be given a fair chance without everyone going in wanting to hate the game.

Wow... a bunch of hipsters had to vote this game so low and hate on it and its fans because they think it's cool to do that. Get your heads out of your butts, people! Two weeks into this game and I have to say, this game has offered the most content in a Call of Duty game ever, it's also a really fun and enjoyable experience. In my opinion, the story is the weakest out of all of the Black Ops entries but is still very enjoyable, some would even say "the most ambitious Call of Duty campaign ever" but not me, Zombies mode is epic, the new mode, Free Run, is very fresh and exciting, and the Multiplayer is phenomenal, so much variety and so much to do, the maps are pretty good too. Overall, a really fun game.

Just Playing Zombies Alone makes this game really good, and I even enjoyed the campaign and multiplayer even though I never played them in the other Call of Duty games - Homespuncow

Just love the new movement system, it brings so much new possibilities to the game together with the special abilities and characters!

This game you can kill people you can 360 no scope someone now that is awesome but the only bad thing is if you shot him first he can still kill you why

Everyone who hates it just sucks at I hated it cause I couldn't get double digit kills and now it's one of my favorite cods

It is very interesting! It has many levels and also there are hostage levels and it could be downloaded in any phones!

You only see brain washed fat ass kids playing this thinking they're like a super soldier

I know I say Call of Duty is overrated, and it is. But I didn't play too many games that were actually released in 2015. I played some games that were also released in 2014. - Therandom

Call of Duty Fans:

Call of Duty 1: Best game ever
Call of Duty 2: Best game ever
Call of Duty 3: Best game ever
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: Best game ever
Call of Duty 5: Modern Warfare 2: Best game ever
Call of Duty 6: Black Ops: Best game ever
Call of Duty 7: Black Ops 2: Best game ever
Call of Duty 8: Advanced Warfare: Best game ever
Call of Duty 9: Black Ops 3: Best game ever

Love this game all the other games on this list suck besides star wars battlefront fallout 4 in my opinion is the worst game I've ever played

Call of Duty 2 is better than this crap

How is this unoriginal, generic heap at #9, yet an innovative masterpiece like Rainbow Six: Siege is sitting at #22?

It's no Modern Warfare 2 or 3, but still a great game. The online experience is excellent. - chadharvey

Call of Duty is the same every year.

Wow, Hipsters. That's all you could come up with? Creative.

What how is it this low I have heard so much of how good it is and I've wanted it since it came out

This is the best Call of Duty ever. The game wasn't really supposed to be made for last gen so don't judge that because it's garbage. On Next Gen though the game is very smooth. When they added 1000 levels it kept all of the Prestige Master try hards going. Nothing can compare to such an excellent. Everything is fun and enjoyable because of the ranking systems introduced into the three individual parts of the game. Zombies brings nostalgia back because of the Giant remade. Great Game overall 10/10 forever never will die like Advanced Warfare.

Black Ops is probably one of my favorite games ever. Now black ops 3 is out. The zombies amazing the multiplayer amazing the campaign amazing. The game gives a new side to the game, half robot half human it's so smart. Just looking at the freckin cover makes me happy, the multiplayer is smooth, I love the chaos mosh-pit with the continuation of nuketown, this game is underrated and people should vote for this more, at least have some respect and put it in the top ten. Deserves a little right

This game might be confusing but their is so much you can do just wait for battlefield one

Amazing. Blew me away with better graphics and amazing physics and a believable story

I love black ops 3 even though it had downs and ups to it but a great game in my opinion