Fallout 4


I honestly did not like this game that much. I found the rpg elements to be too lazy compared to what Fallout 1 and 2 were. The dialogue was focused more on cinema and voice acting rather than the dialogue itself. I immediately lost hopes of this game when there were options such as "Sarcastic."

The worst part of all was that you have limited player freedom. You do not have the choice to be an antagonist. There is no in depth quest for different choices or actions as you, the main character. If there are any, they are trash compared to the most generic option. No, this game is not like Skyrim, in which you have a variety of choices that effects your quest and position as the character.

Another choice that Bethesda made that I disapproved of was the removal of the karma system. Although many people who played 3 and New Vegas probably found the system pointless. I somewhat enjoyed the idea that characters would love/hate you or give different rewards depending on ...more

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People just love to hate on #1. Anyone claiming 1 & 2 were the best, is retarded. Don't think the graphics are amazing enough? Play it on a gaming PC with the highest graphic settings, then realize what you've been missing. I don't understand why everyone likes V.A.T.S. so much. I thoroughly beat the hell out of 3 and New Vegas both, only using it a handful of times when absolutely necessary, like shooting antennae off of ants. It's like cheating, and you don't need it if you're any good. My biggest complaints about 3 and Vegas was just having to switch outfits so often, and mostly shuffling around the endless belongings between you, party members, and storage areas because of clutter and weight/strength restrictions. With needing so many different items to build and cook with, it was endlessly tedious. It made me miss magical bottomless bags in fantasy RPGs. I do wish they would incorporate more new creatures though, you get sick of the same old. There's really endless mutations you ...more

Fallout 4 is the best video game of 2015, if not the best game in next-gen yet, and one of the best games of all time. It might not have the most gorgeous graphics out there, nor the most refined game-play, or even an amazing story, but everything in it makes sense, and fits in perfectly. It improves over nearly every aspect of Fallout 3, as well as Skyrim, and offer the best, most intriguing, an exceptional story of them all, especially that turning point after the Molecular Level where everything we thought we knew about the Institute just blew up on our face. Its characters are distinct and well done, and its world is without a doubt Bethesda's most ambitious, from the masterly done Glowing Sea, to the southern grey swamps of Boston, to the ravaged buildings of Boston (probably the most ugly buildings Bethesda has ever done in all honesty). Over that, Fallout 4 has the best side quests out of any rpg out there period surpassing even those of Fallout 3 and the Witcher 3, and passing ...more

Fallout New Vegas was one of my favorite games and Fallout 3 was really good, however this version of "Fallout" was pretty much an insult to people who played the previous games. Bethesda markets as an RPG, but they removed systems like: karma, faction reputation, challenges, skills, traits, fitting music, speech, silent protagonist, more dialogue variety, choices, multiple endings (There are 4 endings, and 3 of them are the same) and much more. Thank you Bethesda and Todd Howard for killing a well-established franchise.

It was a bit of a weak year for games, even though it originally promised to be the best year for them since 2007. But Fallout 4 somehow managed to live up to the immense hype. Sure, it's just a streamlined version of Fallout 3 with a new location, story and some improved gameplay mechanics, but Fallout 3 was already damn near perfect. I've already put 100 hours into the game and see myself putting in at least 100 more when I get back home

Dude Bethesda is hands down the best video game company ever. I remember when fallout new vegas first came out I said no game would ever be better than it. Then Skyrim came out and that game blew my mind. So I said the same thing about it and said that that game was the best game of all time. Then fallout 4 came out and I said the same exact thing. Bethesda games are the best and fallout 4 is the best. So, at this rate I am really excited for fallout 4 dlc as I I think it will be legendary.

A good game. And it was certainly stellar to anyone who hadn't played a Fallout game before. But when compared to games like Fallout 3 or New Vegas, this game doesn't have much separation. Sure, it was really cool getting to play a Fallout game on a next gen console, but in terms of content this game is top ten for sure, maybe even top five. But I wouldn't give it number one. - Verderame

Fallout 4 was crap so when I heard that Fallout 4 came out I wasn't too excited but than my friends introduced me to it and made me get it. Honestly that was one of the greatest choices I ever made. I'm in love with Skyrim so when I played this, maybe even a better version of Skyrim, it was like a dream come true for me. Also, in most games you might get bored by the story line, well in this game the story line is exciting and you can do side missions instead if you want a change. The makers put loads of detail into it that the mediocre graphics makes no difference when you see the games beautiful landscape. Anyone who doesn't like this needs to hugely reconsider as I think this is the best game of 2015. - isoldeivens18

I agree. I hate this game. Godzilla should be on here. It's a game for fans. - asantalo

The point of the Fallout series is to build upon the story of the previous games. Of course it has the same formula, why change something that has worked so well for them in the past. I honestly feel that between the Elder Scrolls and Fallout, Bethesda has a good thing going and I don't see them fading away any time soon.

Fallout 4 is great but I wouldn't call it the best of 2015, simply because it lacks originality. It really is a better Fallout 3 with different characters and that's all. The story isn't a continuation, but it remains pretty much the same. Yes it is beautiful, and fun but it feels like a chore to play sometimes. I think the game was hyped because of how good Fallout 3 was, and the title advertised itself.

If you are saying that Fallout 4 is extremely overrated, I'm the one who gonna prove that you're actually very wrong. Where to begin? How about the world? It is more extensive, memorable, unlimited than previous games, V.A.T.S? Still awesome, and in this game, it's even better (Though the aiming very sucks), Gameplay? Ah, there's nothing to tell about the gameplay, Fallout 4 is simply an improvement from Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, with adding new features such as moving things to create your own house/building, voice acting when you play as a man/woman

For a sequel, Fallout 4 is truly awesome, it has improvements, good or bad, it is still an improvement that everyone wanted for a sequel, if you love Fallout 3, New Vegas and Skyrim, I really recommend this game, trust me! It's worth of your money

When I started fallout 4 I felt like everything was new and improved, new starting video, new way to customize your character, generally a new look, but when I started playing I fearee the radiant quests will slowly ruin the game, however despite preston telling me another settlement needs my help, I enjoyed travelling there because every settlement could be built up in a unique way. I think the game retained what made fallout 3 so special and built on it with the improved RPG elements and improved building system. I think this is the best game in a long while and I think my current 5th playthrough can justify that.

This series is at its PEAK. Fallout 3 and 4 along with Skyrim have led Bethesda to fame and fans. Though I don't have it, the gameplay and new features have blown me away. I finished Fallout 3, and seen the possibilities of endings for Fallout 4. This game is a masterpiece, which now we'll wait for another Elder Scrolls game, (besides online). - bakercomics

This is in my opinion On my favorite games I think that it was over hated and underrated by extremely vocal fans which ruined the game for most sure the game is flawed and does have some bad things in it but still it did do things better than other fallouts and after all it is a fallout game

So much more realistic than fallout vegas. Vegas rocked, but this one is spectacular. The power armor prevents lots of damage and allows you to be uninjured when falling. Love the new weapons. Most of the companions have good side quests. Love it!

Seriously people have voted this as the best, it was appallingly bad, a mockery to the rpg genre and a major let down overall ( I would vote it down if I could) the only thing it improved on was the graphics but other than that everything else was either just slapped on or just made worse.

This game is already going to be a great game and it's not even a day old yet. It looks so epic and it is way different than other fallout games - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Are you kidding? Fallout 4 is so much better than Mortal Kombat X

Better than Fallout 3, worse than New Vegas. It's a good game but nothing mind blowing. Still worth the money.

Let's hope Obsidian does the next Fallout just like they did New Vegas.

Terrible, down grade from the past Fallout games, the removal of the karma system and the unbearable dumbed-down dialogue options made me give up on the game. Why bethesda? Why?

This game is really very overrated! Where you can travel through the Wasteland. Also you can level up your player and also you can get power armor, sadly you need power core. - David39

I love how the top comment is talking about how Fallout 4 is better than Fallout 3. Wrong list buddy, we're talking about games in 2015. - MRniceguy583

I love it. I don't have a single problem with this game. The personal character development is perfect, and most of everything else is very swell...

This game is amazing when you first play it, but after a while of playing it you start to get bored of doing the same thing over and over again - TheHabsFan