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141 Steamworld Heist

A pretty solid game. Got totally stuck when I tried out new game+, but that isn't of any fault of its own, rather a result of my own failings.

142 Environmental Station Alpha

It's a gorgeous metroidvania and one of the best games I've ever played. Hate the post-game though. - Denis01

143 Tom Clancy's the Division

I like how the guns go boom and the people go ow

It's a 2016 game that's why it's at the bottom - ikerevievs

144 Mirror's Edge 2

This comes out next year also it's called catalyst

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145 Resident Evil 7

Unconfirmed and might not happen for another couple of years. We did get a Remastered version of Resident Evil (2002 remake) and the Revelations 2, but I don't see this one coming out this year.

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146 SpongeBob Heropants

Why does this exist?

Whoever said it is better than mortal kombat x is a idiot moron - top10epic

The bottom comment is right. It's clearly a fake.

What is this this is so diffrent from the movie lol even if you did not watch the movie u wont understand the story like what there's bubbles appearing out from nowhere telling them to find pages like frick this

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147 XCOM 2 V 1 Comment
148 Resident Evil: Revelations 2

I don't think it should be in this list man

I don't think that this came out in 2015 actually

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149 Hatred

One violent and one boring game.

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150 Tearaway Unfolded
151 NBA Live 16

Ounce I put my on this game I new I had to buy it right away

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152 Rambo
153 Five Night's at Freddy's 4

Anybody who honestly likes this game should remove themselves before the world removes them

Why at 158? What is wrong with you guys? It's a good game. Show it some respect.

This game seemed just perfect for me. I haven't played it but some day I will. What I liked about it is that although it isn't as good as the first game, it's a lot better than the second and third game in my point of view. The reason for this is because, it has the creepy charm of the first game especially the apperance and the music although Fnaf isn't scary for me, doesn't have too many animatronics to deal with, doesn't have these annoying hallucinations to mess up your progress in any night.

Very hard

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154 Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure V 2 Comments
155 Quiplash
156 Skylander: SuperChargers

BEST GAME EVER but the only let down is it takes a while to collect all the characters to move forward into the game super fun game though

Well I love the game but I wish 2nd player get there own vehicle

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157 Funk of Titans
158 The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adventure

I love snoopy he is so cute!

I don't like snoopy at all

This should be deleted. - Tacocheese


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159 Dragon Fin Soup V 1 Comment
160 Paddington: Adventures In London

This is the greatest game I have ever played great gameplay great story

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