This is the best game since Ocarina of Time, the characters, the story, the feeling you get while playing Undertale, its indescribable. This game an example for game makers around the world, this is the best indie game ever. (better then Shovel Knight, The Binding Of Isaac, and Super Meat Boy combined) this game changes your life, this game fills you with... DETERMINATION. Not to mention this game has great humor, this game should be number 1. It's a great experience that I suggest to anyone wanting to have a good time(do a genocide run if you want to have a REALLY good time) you need to pick up Undertale right away, its only $9.99 on Steam, and I'm not gonna spoil anything about this fabulous game. (I learned my lesson about that) - toptenzen

Absolutely amazing. I can't believe how clever Toby Fox is. With so many Easter eggs, even ones for hacking, and being able to sneak in evidence for theories, his cleverness makes it so much better. The game delivers a somewhat Legend of Zelda plus Earthbound vibe. The story of it is cute, hilarious and sometimes tear delivering/tear worthy. The music is worth a mention considering some was made before the game and reusing it exposes it more. The music can be very calming or upbeat and fun.

The characters in the game have very interesting personalities and are well designed. What's nice is that many of these characters are ones you can relate to very much, or people you're friends with.

The best part to me in this game is the fact you can communicate with the enemies and not kill them, unlike many rpg games. This aids in the different endings. The routes are genocide (my favourite), neutral, and pacifist. Depending on which routes you do first in which order, you're ...more - iiKyodaiKickz

Nobody knows how or why it became popular.
Nobody knows how or why it had to become popular.
Nobody knows how or why it had to attract these PewDiePie-loving kids who would ruin everyone's first impression of the game.
If you're reading this and you haven't played Undertale, hear my plea.

Would you like to play a funny, quirky game that subtly destroys anything separating our reality from its own? If you would, then please play it. Right now. Don't talk to anyone about it first. They'll either change your mind or spoil the experience. Ignore the fanbase, and ignore the haters. Ignore the videos about it and such. Don't let anyone influence your way of playing the game. Yes, there are multiple ways to play it. Everyone will try to convince you of playing in a particular way. Don't listen to them. Avoid the fans, and play the game YOURSELF. When you're done- or rather, when you want to be done- you can talk to someone about it. I know this sounds silly, but trust me, ...more - ArchVoice14

Though I can't endorse the fandom or the hype, Undertale itself is definitely worth a play. The gameplay is challenging, yet oddly compelling. The characters are all interesting (not necessarily likeable), and the game is fun. It is an trope-filled RPG, full of so much ridiculousness and frustration, that doesn't masquerade as anything else. I wouldn't call it GotY, but it is so unlike any other game, that it deserves a spot on the list. The elements of the story are absolutely amazing, and the MERCY system is something that made the game more lovable. You can't take Undertale seriously, yet it has an element of seriousness about it. It's a good time, and unique enough to deserve a vote.

I don't know how this isn't in the top three. All the characters have so much feeling and actual CHARACTER in them, the art and music is amazing, the storyline is so unique, and the HUMOR! Oh my god! It's just so amazing, it could make me die laughing and waste away crying and hide in a corner screaming in a matter of minutes. It was also made with such a small amount of people, and crated in such a short amount of time. For all you haters out there, you're just missing out. And for all the people out there scouring TheTopTens for video games to play, I would recommend this. - unipuff123

Don't let the minor (but very... popping) section of the fanbase who are just terrible turn you off from the game! Undertale is a very well thought-out game, and its lore and concept is very unique, modern and just impressive. The characters are very well developed over the course of the gameplay, and it has just the right mix of maturity and bad puns to keep you thinking that this game is "serious", but hilarious at the same time. The music is fantastic, and I just love the story.

Undertale is brilliant. There's a deep narrative that manages to be both funny and touching without horrifically derailing itself, the characters feel alive and fleshed out and the gameplay, while not world-changing, is still quite fun. The fanbase is your typical trendy indie game fanbase (see also: Five Nights at Freddy's), but that isn't a problem with the game.

I haven't said much about it, and that's because you should play it 'blind' (without spoilers). Otherwise, it loses its impact. Even if you're a skeptic, Undertale costs $10 and can be beaten after about 6-7 hours, so there's no real reason to avoid it.

In short, buy this game.

P.S. The soundtrack is the stuff of legend.

I can't put into words how much this game has effected my life. The story, characters, and music make this a game to be rivaled by all others. Undertale is tied for my favorite game of all time (With Portal 2) but it is slowly becoming my favorite with all of the secrets to discover, and the little details that no one would notice. This game, it fills me with determination.

As a fan of gaming who has owned basically every Zelda game, every Nintendo/sony console and has 100%ed most square games, and every Zelda, Mario and Half Life game, I can safely say that when it comes to choice making, storytelling, characters, humour, soundtrack and combat system, no game has even come close to what this masterpiece has achieved. Don't listen to the haters that say its graphics suck or its fanbase is too large (boo hoo), play this game or else you're gonna have a bad time.

Not only does Undertale have an amazing score, cast of characters, and storyline; but it is also the first RPG I've played that allows you to spare your enemies. There are probably other RPGs out there that allow you to spare enemies that I just haven't played, but this is also the first game I've seen that presents consequences for your actions if you decide to kill everything. The fact that this is an indie game that was basically all programmed and composed by one person makes it even more impressive. Take away the fanbase and this game easily becomes one of the best games of all time.

This game... Fills you with DETERMINATION. I don't want to give anything away for those who haven't played it, but in my opinion, it's the best game I've ever played. Just, just play it. I can't describe how much emotion is packed into Undertale. It's an experience I will never forget.

Undertale is actually one of the best games I know. People say it is overrated, and some fans are very extreme but overall it is a very good masterpiece. Your choice whether to kill or spare enemies affects your ending, which is relatable to the real world. This game breaks the 4th wall into tiny pieces and leaves you speechless after you clear it and you will be bound to replay it.

I love Undertale with all of my heart! This game is so, inspirational. And teaches you life lessons, and who wouldn't want a game like this? This is a game that lets you choose to kill, or to spare. This game always stood out to me, and the story is just so great. There's a lot of secrets, who knows, might never be answered. But here's just some information. Legends has it, if you climb Mt. Ebott, you'll never return. And it all began with the war between Monsters and Humans. After fighting for so long, the Humans were victorious. And brought them underground and sealed them with a barrier... Years later, you decide to climb that mountain, and you fall into the underground. Now it's your choice, to spare, or to kill?

Undertale easily takes the prize for best Story, Presentation and Gameplay of a game in 2015. This game is breathtaking regarding it's Characters, Music, Story, and Overall originality. On the surface, it just looks like a Mother/Earthbound clone turned indie nostalgia fest, but anyone who's ever played this game knows that it is so much more. It is a unique and heartfelt game that ventures into game aspects that other games sadly don't. This game is worth every minute spent playing it, whether it be 1 or 7 playthroughs.

2015 was a year of massive ambition, yet "Undertale" managed what no other game could this year. It challenged players to suspend their disbelief, and imagine that their actions in a game matter. It used a deep and likable cast to convince players that their in-game actions have moral significance, and for most people, it worked.

Why is this game the best? It makes you question all the games (hell, even most games on this list). Once you finish playing the game, you look at yourself, and you have to question what the hell you did in the past. You think about each and every single slime or goblin you killed, and wonder if you did something wrong.

This is a superb game my personal favorite game of all time. Don't sell it short for having a fandom or the graphics. I don't love this game for that...
I love this game for the amazing story, puns, mechanics, and overall intelligence that you don't find in typical indies these days. The music is amazing and it has a refreshing story that changes the way you look at a typical RPG or indie. So please check this wonderful game out.

And don't forget to spread the LOVE!

I love this game its emotional and its funny, has the most amazing music that I heard, and there's more than one ending. The art is outstanding, there's many hidden things in the game and it became popular all over the Internet I think its worth spending 10 dollars for the game.

I was surprised massively with Undertale. Upon starting, I was expecting a mediocre RPG that would bore me after ten minutes. But how wrong was I... I just kept playing and playing! The battle system is unique, the characters are likeable, and the story is very interesting!

This is definitely my second-favorite game of this year, right behind Super Mario Maker (And it was a hard decision between them). It has an amazing and interesting story, a fun sense of humor, fun gameplay, and lovable characters. It has almost everything you could want in a game.

Without a doubt an excellent game! There is one thing you can't take away from amazing games and that is the fanbase. Don't let them stop you from enjoying an amazing experience from this game. It is so deep, emotional and very well told. If you haven't played it yet, GET IT NOW! - Daviddv0601

A great Game full of humour, adventure and Feels. This game can make your choices real matter.

The first for minutes of the game already makes a huge impression on you.

It has bad graphics, even for the retro style. However, that can be attributed to the fact that this is NOT A Triple A Game, It's literally made by A SINGLE PERSON. (with some help of course) who is NOT a professional art creator. However, he does make music, and the soundtrack is amazing! Also, very good story, though the choices don't really matter. Has funny moments, and many emotional ones too. This was the first game that actually made me cry. (To the Moon was the second, which I played because I was searching for more "feels")
Combat is fun and quirky, especially since I like palying bullet hell games like Realm of the Mad God.
9/10, good gameplay, excellent story and music.

This game is a masterpiece that is stays with you when it is over but the game is never really over. You can all waste go back and find all the Easter eggs and jokes. It is a truly amazing game that will go down in history as one of the greatest indies ever made.

Saying anything about this game would just give away why it's so good. If anything, just listen to the music of the game it's so good.