XCOM 2: Random video game review

XCOM is a brilliant Strategy Game Series! The series has evolved in its years and with its reboot XCOM: Enemy Unknown it brought XCOM back into glory! Now being a fan of the series I had to buy the sequel to this game and today I'll review it!

Let's start with the story of XCOM 2! In this game, instead of having to defend yourself from the aliens, they already took over the earth and now you'll take it back! This makes for a very interesting twist on the regular XCOM gameplay and story! Now the story is pretty well-made and is definitely a good point of the game!

The gameplay is, like I said, not about defending from the aliens, but stealthly taking back areas and in that way winning back earth! The ground gameplay was overworked again and combines now the goods of UFO: Enemy Unknown & XCOM: Enemy Unknown! I think it's obvious to say it's very well-made!
About the overworld gameplay, it's well-made and strategic as well! They added this mechanic in which you have to work against a timer! If the timer reaches its end, you lost and the aliens have taken over completly! However it never felt bad, because you are able to slow down, stop or even turn back the timer by attacking aliens! Also you'll have to pay extra attention to colonies or alien attacks or it might cost you a lot of progress!
The only problem I have is that there still wasn't a comeback of the Base Defense from UFO: Enemy Unknown! I really hope it'll come back in the next game!

Now at last I need to mention the music, which was atmosspheric and perfectly fit the gameplay!
The graphics were very pretty and detailed and suited the Nex-Gen XCOM game very well!

Now overall XCOM 2 was a complete success and was a great addition to the series, if not the greatest one! That's why I give it a:
9/10, adjective "amazing"
The game did not disappoint with its gameplay or story, but pushed the series forwards into the maybe best XCOM game to date!


Xcom 2 is really a great game, I enjoy playing it! - Ananya